Meek Mill On Drake Diss Track: ‘I Can Tell He Wrote That’

Rapper Meek Mill used social media to respond to Drake’s recent diss track Saturday.

The 28-year-old rapper tweeted two short messages that were apparently referencing Drake’s diss track, “Charged Up,” shortly after the song was first released online.

“Baby lotion soft… I can tell he wrote that [one] tho”

Those tweets likely added more fuel to the fire of tension and beef that started brewing publicly between the two rappers on Tuesday.

Meek Mill made headlines with a Twitter rant specifically targeting Drake with allegations that the “Know Yourself” rapper does not write his own songs.

Meek Mill further claimed that Drake did not even write the verse he rapped on the song “R.I.C.O.” from Meek’s newest album.

Meek Mill, born Robert Rahmeek Williams, even went as far as claiming that he would never have allowed the verse to make the cut on his album if he knew it wasn’t originally written by Drake.

The only apology that has been offered by Meek Mill so far for his comments was the public apology that he offered Nicki Minaj on Wednesday during an on-stage performance in Virginia, according to TMZ.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Saturday release of Drake’s diss track “Charged Up” was the “Young Money” rapper’s first public response to Meek’s allegations.

Even though Drake did not identify Meek Mill by name in his song, fans and critics clearly understood to whom he was referring from the lyrics alone.

“I did some charity today for the kids, but I’m used to it cause y’all charity cases. All y’all stare in my face and hope you could be to replace me. Snitchin’ on us without no interrogation. I stay silent ’cause we at war and I’m very patient. Six God is watching, I’m just hoping you prepared to face him.”

When it comes to the ongoing beef between Meek Mill and Drake, the ball is apparently now back in Drake’s court once again.

[Image Credit: Rob Kim/Getty Images]