Niall Horan Post-1D: ‘Sharknado 4’ Or Getting Sporty?

All One Direction fans are wondering what will happen if the band ever breaks up — but has Niall Horan thought about his possible career choices?

It appears that Louis Tomlinson may be a dad in 2016, and other One Direction members have talked for years about doing solo projects. Billboard Magazine reports that Simon Cowell officially announced on July 19 the following about a possible 1D break in 2016.

“In terms of the band, they’ve got enough hits now they can take some time off and do some other stuff they want to do… Then I hope they’ll have a little bit of time apart and want to get back together again. It’s a fun job, but it’s absolutely their decision.”

However, in case of a 2016 band break, Niall Horan (unlike other One Directioners) has had few words on solo projects of his own.

What we do see is Niall Horan involved with sports when he has a break from touring with One Direction.

Adding to the idea that Niall Horan is using his current position with 1D to possibly spawn a future sports-related career is his new relationship with golf. In the recent past, he was a caddie for pro golfer Rory McIlroy — and Rory will join Niall on stage in Boston on September 12.

Other sports references that include Niall Horan are his recent rejection of tennis star Andy Murray at Wimbledon. Metro reported on June 29 that Niall Horan “is pretty chummy with Novak Djokovic and was invited down to Day One of the tournament by the defending champion to watch him play (and beat) Philipp Kohlschreiber.”

Are there any other sports celebrities that Niall Horan is associated with? Although Niall Horan may not be able to get to know all the sports heroes he admires, he often uses his time wisely to reach out to sports figures on social media.

For instance, Niall Horan, a frequent Twitter sports cheerleader, has been involved with headlines for his “trolling” social media conversations with rugby hero Mike Phillips.

Whether or not Niall Horan gets involved in the sports industry in the future is still up in the air. In the meantime, one guarantee is that Niall Horan will probably not be playing professional sports anytime soon.

As it appears, it is only recently that Niall Horan announced that he could finally touch his “bum” after healing from a knee surgery.

The Mirror says on July 24, “The One Direction star – who underwent a knee operation over a year ago – told his fans he can finally reach his ‘[bum]’ with his heel, and shared a picture to prove it.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, another viable alternative for Niall Horan if One Direction ever breaks up is to become an actor — and he recently got an offer that may require him to be physically fit.

On July 23, the Mirror reports that John and Edward Grimes of “Jedward” stated that Niall Horan is someone they want to recruit for the television movie Sharknado 4.

About Niall Horan, John and Edward said, “We want to get everyone on board for the next film — all of our celebrity pals… Niall Horan is like one of our biggest fans. He loves us so I’m sure he’d want to be in the next film with us.”

[Feature image via Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC, Getty Images]