Donn Keever: Indiana Man Sets Ex-Wife On Fire, But Will Not Stand Trial

Donn Keever of Greenwood, Indiana, threw gasoline on his wife, Amy. Their three children then watched as their father set their mother on fire. After doing so, Keever took off in his vehicle leaving Amy to die. According to a statement taken by WISH TV, Angel Dillahay, the sister of the man Amy had been seeing, explained what the children witnessed.

“He came over, they were talking, and then she (Keever’s daughter) heard her mom screaming and running. Then she fell on the ground and that’s when he lit the match.”

Authorities said that Amy Keever had significant burns over a large portion of her body. She was rushed to Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis. As of July 25, Amy remains in critical care, and according to the GoFundMe Page is “fighting for her life.”

Donn Keever, her ex-husband, fled the scene in his Dodge truck. He didn’t make it very far. Keever was seen traveling southbound on I-65 at a high rate of speed. Witnesses state they then saw the vehicle driven by Donn Keever make an abrupt lane turn into the oncoming northbound traffic.

Donn Keever’s vehicle hit a semi driven by 50-year-old Toby Klar head on. The semi flipped, but Keever’s truck ricocheted into a Ford Escape driven by 47-year-old David Whitney. Keever came to rest on the barrier. It was then that the truck burst into flames.

Keever was trapped inside the truck. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Whitney was transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and Klar wasn’t injured. The only casualty of the wreck was Donn Keever.

Angel Dillahay can’t understand what happened between Amy and Donn Keever that would cause this incident. She thought very highly of Amy Keever, and she indicated that Amy never mentioned Donn had been violent with her or the children.

“She sat there like I’ve known her for years and I just met her. (She) loved to joke, big smile, super super friendly with anybody. She took me like I’ve known her forever.

“She never said he was violent you know at all (Donn). But, maybe he was and she just didn’t say that part because she always saw the good in just about everybody.”

It is hard to understand what would prompt a person to do the horrendous act that Donn Keever did. At this point, there may never be an answer for the family.

[Photo from Amy’s Facebook Page]