Jessa Duggar Plays Paula Deen, Ben Seewald Warns Fans That Praying Wrong Can Be Deadly

Jessa Duggar’s TLC reality show has gone the way of that old bikini Michelle Duggar loves talking about so much — it was so scandalous that it had to be tossed out.

19 Kids and Counting might be gone for good, but Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald might find other ways to get back on TV. Jim Bob Duggar won’t let Jessa star in a 19 Kids spin-off, but perhaps he’d let her star on a cooking show. In her latest Instagram post, Jessa did her best Paula Deen impression by sharing her favorite recipe for strawberry pretzel cheesecake. Jessa Duggar doesn’t have a job, so perhaps she can spend her free time learning how to become an excellent cook. The mommy-to-be already has a TV-ready wardrobe — check out her designer apron emblazoned with her name.

It looks like Jessa Duggar had no problem whipping up that cheesecake, but she’s not exactly known for her prowess in the kitchen. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the former 19 Kids and Counting star once cooked her oven manual. She also used a hammer from Ben Seewald’s toolbox to beat the meat that she was planning on sticking in the oven. Even though she’s not a cooking pro, it would definitely be entertaining to watch Jess make a mess on her own cooking show.

While Jessa plays homemaker, it looks like Ben Seewald is busy angling for his own talk show on one of the Christian TV networks. According to RadarOnline, Ben has revealed that he wants to be a minister. He doesn’t have a congregation to lord over just yet, so he’s been using social media to practice his preaching skills. In a series of YouTube videos, he answers questions like “Why do we give thanks before eating?” and “How can you prove to me that God exists?”

In his latest video, Jessa’s hubby tackles this toughie: “Is there a wrong way to pray?” Below you can watch Ben Seewald and missionary Joel Tiegreen discuss what the Bible says about praying properly. It sounds like the Duggars were making a big mistake by praying on TV all those years, and Ben also points out that people shouldn’t pray for selfish things (like their own reality TV shows).

Ben posted the video on his Facebook page, and one of his followers responded by commenting that “God doesn’t care how you worship him.” However, Ben doesn’t share this view. He pointed to an Old Testament Bible verse as evidence that believers risk their lives by praying improperly.

“Then why did He execute Nadab and Abihu? Leviticus 10: Now Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, each took his censer and put fire in it and laid incense on it and offered unauthorized[a] fire before the Lord, which he had not commanded them. 2 And fire came out from before the Lord and consumed them, and they died before the Lord. 3 Then Moses said to Aaron, ‘This is what the Lord has said: ‘Among those who are near me I will be sanctified, and before all the people I will be glorified.’ And Aaron held his peace.'”

Are you looking forward to trying Jessa Duggar’s cheesecake recipe, and what do you think of Ben Seewald’s prayer advice?

[Image via Ben Seewald/Instagram]