Arizona Woman’s Decapitated Body, Mutilated Dogs, And Suspect With Severed Arm Found In Phoenix Apartment

In Arizona, police officers found the decapitated body of a woman and a pair of mutilated dogs inside an apartment on Saturday. Phoenix investigators say a man suspected of the gruesome killings allegedly severed his arm and removed his eyeball. Reportedly, the man confessed to the beheading and other horrific crimes.

According to AZ Central, a neighbor, who had not seen the man suspected in the slayings since the day before, knocked on his door for a wellness check. The man answered without incident, and the neighbor saw that his arm was partially severed, an eye was missing, and blood covered the floors and walls of the apartment.

The startled man called the police to 13th Place and Colter Street. There, they met with the suspect, only described as a 43-year-old man. He was covered in blood and appeared to be in bad shape. He notified officers that he used kitchen knives to commit three murders. Inside the residence, police found the body of a decapitated woman and three gruesomely mutilated dogs.

Phoenix Police Department Sgt. Trent Crump said the scene was “horrific.” Although they obtained a confession in the grisly crimes, officers are checking the welfare of other family members to make sure the man’s reference to three murders included the two dead dogs.

The suspect is known to suffer from mental illness, according to Crump. In the past, police were summoned to the apartment on complaints involving the decapitated woman and the man.

Paramedics transported the injured man to a local hospital where he underwent surgery for the severed arm and self-mutilation of his eye. His condition remains unknown, and police have not released a motive in the beheading of the woman and slaying of the dogs.

Upon his discharge, the man faces murder charges and possibly other offenses related to the weekend incident.

This story is developing.