Ed Sheeran Gets His Own Ice Cream Flavor, Shares Photo With Fans

Ed Sheeran has enjoyed a very successful music career. Sheeran has released hit after hit, and is known around the globe. He has also headlined plenty of shows around the world and is used to selling out stadiums. Sheeran has an impressive resume, and now he can add something else to it. Sheeran has just received his own ice cream flavor.

According to Time, HB Ice Cream, an ice cream brand in Dublin, Ireland, decided that it would recreate its Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwich box cover art, as well as the name. The company added a gingerbread man that has floppy red hair, and he is holding the guitar. The flavor of ice cream is being called "Ginger-Ed," which is an ode to Sheeran.

However, there is no official partnership or collaboration between the ice cream brand and Ed Sheeran, but the singer did appear to take notice. This is because Sheeran ended up sharing the photo of the treat with his millions of followers on Instagram. The photo was accompanied with a caption that read "you know you've made it when...," and since sharing it, the photo has racked up thousands of comments.


Aside from the gingerbread man that resembles Sheeran, the cover art also features a white speech bubble, according to OK!. The speech bubble is shown right near an ice cream sandwich, and it says "I'll show you my white bits, Ed." Inside the box features four of the ice cream sandwiches. Each treat has two layers of gingerbread biscuit with ice cream in the middle of each one.

The ode to Sheeran ties in with his performances in Dublin, which is where he has been for the last few days. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Sheeran gave an interview a few days ago at one of his performances in Dublin. At one point he was interviewed and he was asked if he ever farted while he was performing live. Apparently Sheeran wasn't bothered by the question because he not only answered the question, but he went into depth.

Sheeran said that he did actually fart during a live performance, but he followed through and pooped his pants by accident. Ed explained that halfway through the performance he decided to push out a fart, but misjudged it and ended up pooping himself. He continued to say that he just wanted the performance to end so he could throw his pants out.

[Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images]