iPhone 7 Concept Pictures And Video Released, Will The Next Generation iPhone Look Like This?

Rahul Srinivas

A set of images that have been leaked online shows how the prospective next generation iPhone 7 would look like. While there have been talks about Apple naming the next iteration of its smartphone, the iPhone 6s, there are also chances that it would be christened the iPhone 7. Check out the iPhone 7 images that have been made by Croatian design artists Ivo Maric and Tomislav Rastovac. Note that these designs are purely based on the imaginations of the artists involved in the design and may not reflect the actual design of the iPhone 7 -- whenever it is launched.

iPhone 7 concept design

In the image posted above, you will notice that the iPhone 7 concept takes a lot of influence from the iPhone 4 released back in 2010. If this becomes a reality, we're sure it would be welcome news to several people who still believe that the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4s released a year later were among the best looking iPhone variants ever. According to Valuewalk, the design of the iPhone 7 concept would also draw inspirations from the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 -- the last two variants of the iPhone. While Apple is not known to iterate design aspect from its older devices to newer ones, the iconic status that the iPhone 4 series had might just make them do otherwise in the case of the iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 concept you see in the images boast of a sapphire glass front -- something that has been rumored for quite a while. With Apple already using sapphire glass on the Apple Watch, there is good reason to believe that the iPhone 7 would also get the same treatment. Another part where glass will make a comeback is the rear panel. Like in the case of the iPhone 4 and the 4s, the iPhone 7 concept gets a glass covered back. One thing where this iPhone 7 concept differs from the older glass laden iPhone versions is the fact that there would be no use of aluminum. While this is hard to believe, it seems the designers were convinced that Apple would resort to using a metal and glass frame with the iPhone 7. One rationale for this might be to avoid a situation like "Antennagate" which followed soon after the iPhone 4 launch. More recently, there was the iPhone 6 "Bendgate" scandal as well.

Moving on to the features, the iPhone 7 concept boasts of newer processors (the new A10 chip) and faster RAM. The concept also believes that Apple would also introduce a wireless charging dock with the iPhone 7. With many of its peers surpassing Apple in terms of display resolution, Apple is also likely to take the plunge and offer at least a quad HD display with the iPhone 7. Another rumor that has been making the rounds of the internet is the fact that Apple would stop shipping the 16GB base version of the iPhone with the debut of the iPhone 7. That's right, the base version of the iPhone 7 would be a 32Gb version.

The new iPhone 7 is likely to be launched later this year with several reports pointing out towards a September, 2015, release date. Do you think the new iPhone 7 or the iPhone 6s will resemble the concept shown above?

[Images Via Ivo Maric/Instagram]