Wife Loses Temper After Learning Of P.E. Teacher Husband’s Ongoing Affair With Student, Hits Him With Her Car

The wife of a P.E. teacher lost her temper after discovering he had an ongoing affair with his former student, 19, and decided to hit him with her car, knocking him to the ground and injuring his leg.

According to the Daily Mail, charity worker Maria Addis, 34, went mental when she learned of her 37-year-old husband's affair with his former student. The couple was seen arguing in the street, near their home in Pontypridd, South Wales, when she suddenly hopped into her Chevrolet and mowed him down as she screamed "She's only 18!"

The teacher, Mark Addis, who teaches at the Aberdare Community School was seen lying on the ground, clutching one of his legs as he moaned in agony.

Apparently, the married couple was arguing about a student-teacher relationship that developed between Mark and his former student, Lucy Gill, who are now in a relationship, according to their Facebook pages.

It was later uncovered that Mark informed police officials that Gill was not his student during the time they began their affair as he taught only boys, according to the Daily Mirror. In fact, he stated that the two began dating after Gill had graduated from high school.

Maria was later apprehended and was due to face a judge in May of this year.

Defense attorney Jeremy Jenkins told the court that "Things got out of hand against a background where Addis was seeking to get the truth from her husband about an extra marital affair with a former pupil."

"It was a misjudgment to move the car forward in the direction of her former husband, but it was brought about by the circumstances that prevailed at the time."
The mother-of-two admitted in court that she was driving carelessly, but says that she only confessed to avoid going to trial.

"She was nudging him with the car causing him to move backwards and fall to the ground," said prosecutor Hywel Hughes. "The man was holding his left leg and groaning."

The high school teacher and his former student, who is now a financial planner, both refused to speak about the incident.

After ordering Maria to pay $500 in fines and giving her seven penalty points on her driver's license, Judge Richard Twomlow said to the court that "This incident was a stupid incident and did not bring much credit on any participant in it."

[Image courtesy of Matt Cardy / Getty Images]