Louis Tomlinson Wants Relationship With Briana Jungwirth, Has Feelings For Her

Apparently, Louis Tomlinson doesn’t want One Direction’s first baby to grow up in a broken home. Even though he and Briana Jungwirth were never involved in a serious relationship before she got pregnant, Louis is reportedly open to putting a ring on it.

According to previous reports, Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth enjoyed a short fling before becoming good friends. However, motherhood must look really good on Briana — Louis has reportedly developed feelings for the 23-year-old woman carrying his child. A source recently told the Sun that Louis Tomlinson has been “sacrificing all his spare time” to see Briana, and it’s possible that hanging out together has helped the parents-to-be form a bond that goes beyond their shared concern for the future of their baby.

“There are very real feelings there. It’s not just about the baby,” the Sun source said.

However, according to the Daily Mail, Louis Tomlinson still isn’t dating Briana Jungwirth. Taking it slow may prove to be a very smart move. If the couple rushes into something and eventually breaks up, their strained relationship could have a negative effect on their child. So for now, Louis is simply hanging out with Briana and doing what he can to prepare for his baby’s arrival. This includes doing a little house-hunting in Los Angeles, which is where Briana lives.

Louis Tomlinson probably won’t have to worry about his newborn baby spending most of its time with a babysitter or nanny. As the Inquisitr previously reported, One Direction will be on a long break around the time the baby arrives, so this will give the singer an opportunity to bond with his child. Briana Jungwirth is reportedly unemployed, so she’ll also have plenty of free time to care for their kid.

According to the Mirror, Louis knows what it’s like to grow up in a broken home. He was five-years-old when his parents split, and his relationship with his biological father, Troy Austin, has been strained ever since. Louis even decided to take his stepdad’s last name.

Even though Louis might want his baby to grow up with both biological parents at home, there are rumors that he’s torn about who he wants to settle down with. Another source recently told Hollywood Life that Louis is interested in getting back together with Eleanor Calder, the ex-girlfriend he dated for over three years.

The source claimed that Tomlinson has reassured Calder “that if he was ever planning on settling down and starting a family, it would be with her.” The insider hinted that Tomlinson might give his relationship with Calder another go after his baby is born and he adjusts to life as a father.

Do you think Louis Tomlinson should try to make things work with Briana Jungwirth, or should he beg Eleanor Calder to take him back?

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