Harvard Business School Graduate Offers $10,000 To Anyone Who Can Find Him A Girlfriend

When it comes to finding true love, some people will stop at nothing to find their perfect match. In the case of 29-year-old Harvard Business School graduate Ren Lu You, he’s willing to pay $10,000.

The young graduate from Alabama is so busy that he is prepared to offer big money to whoever can find him the perfect girlfriend. He even created his own website, where he boldly claims, “Find me a girlfriend and I’ll pay you $10,000. Seriously.”

Seriously? I can think of many worse things to do for $10,000, but that’s beside the point. Having spent the best part of the last year going from date to date, You is bored of the singles scene and feels he was wasting too much precious time looking for a match.

By way of an explanation, You added on his new site, “Look at it this way: if you work 12 hours/day, how would you want to spend the few waking hours you have left? Probably not standing around in a bar with your fingers crossed. This way is more fun for me.”

The budding dater was interviewed by reporters, who also asked him to explain his slightly unconventional and bizarre reward in return for love.

He explained, “I’ve always kind of been wanting to experiment with stuff like this. I’ve been kicking around this idea that I could pay someone on a contingent basis to help introduce me to people, that would actually save me a ton of time. It would help get around some of that kind of adverse selection problem that you get from online dating services or Tinder.”

You’s strategy might not be such a bad one, especially if you consider the pitfalls of the singles scene.

Regarding his website and the reward, You said, “With this site I have access to basically everybody. You don’t have to see the site or know who I am, you just have to know somebody who has seen the site,” he explained.

It goes without saying that the shrewd business graduate isn’t open to getting scammed, as the reward will only be paid if he dates the woman of his dreams for a minimum of six months.

As You explained confidently, “Frankly, if two people – or at least one person – is willing to put in six months of basically full time work, charming me, and hanging out with me all the time, dating me and all this, and they’re successful at fooling me for six whole months, I think they’ve earned the five grand or whatever is their cut of the scam.”

Of course, it remains to be seen whether or not You will be successful in finding love, basically by paying for it. But if he does, it could start a new trend in a world of singles who, in many cases, are simply sick and tired of the dating scene.

[Image credit: solopos.com]