Madonna And Nicki Minaj Fans Protest ‘Ageist’ And ‘Racist’ MTV

The 2015 MTV VMA Nominations were announced earlier this week. Madonna, who helped put MTV on the map, was completely snubbed from the nomination list this year, despite submitting her hit video “Bi*ch I’m Madonna,” which has earned over 64 million views since its debut last month. Nicki Minaj, who earned some nominations for “Anocanda,” was shut out of the Video of the Year category.

Fans of Madonna and Nicki Minaj have taken to to petition MTV for what they believe is ageism and racism. The mission statement of the petition is pretty harsh.

“MTV really messed up this year by ignoring Madonna’s ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ in Video of the Year category. MTV has always been progressive. But they ignore Madonna because of her age and ignore Nicki Minaj because she is an African-American.”

The petition wants MTV to add nominations for Madonna and Nicki Minaj in the Best Video category. Some of the people who have signed the petition are pretty angry.

“Hey MTV, if it wasn’t for Madonna breaking down the boundaries, you guys wouldn’t be possible. She definitely deserved to be nominated for Video of the Year and every other category,” writes Ted Lopez of New York City.

“MTV is discriminating against Nicki Minaj and Madonna. This needs to stop. We are in 2015 not 1915,” writes Eric Fuentes of Fontana, CA.

“Madonna and Nicki Minaj released great videos that were viewed millions of times on YouTube. They deserve to be nominated. Age discrimination and race discrimination are just plain wrong,” writes Jennifer Parson of Phoenix, Arizona.

Madonna hasn’t said much about her snub. However, Nicki Minaj was furious. According to the Huffington Post, Nicki thinks MTV is not only race-shaming her, but body shaming as well. Nicki believes if she was a different kind of artist, she would receive more nominations. However, Nicki has received a lot of backlash on Twitter.

The consensus in the comments on the Huffington Post article about Nicki Minaj’s complaints are unanimously against Minaj.

“Maybe it’s because you are just god awful,” writes John Saibic.

“She is ridiculously narcisstic [sic] and delusional if she thinks throwing a tantrum on Twitter is going to get her nominated for best choreography and best video,” writes Annie Poulton.

Madonna fans have also commented on Twitter about Madge’s VMA snub.

Do you think MTV is discriminating against Nicki Minaj and Madonna? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo Credit: Billboard]