Amanda Bynes Makes Appearance At Fashion Event In Los Angeles

Amanda Bynes hasn’t really been seen in public much, but recently, she made an appearance at a fashion launch that was being held in Los Angeles. The event Bynes attended was for Michael Costello’s capsule range, and she was seen smiling and waving to cameras, according to Mirror.

Bynes looked healthy and happy, which should please fans. This is because in recent years, Bynes has made headlines for things such as being charged with DUI and drug charges. Bynes was also known for her Twitter rants, and she has been to the psychiatric ward. As previously reported by the Inquisitr earlier in the year, sources said that Bynes was doing much better.

At the event in Los Angeles, which was held on Thursday, Bynes was photographed wearing a white lace mini-dress, as well as a pair of dark sunglasses, according to People. Her hair looked sleek, and she wore it straight.

She took a tour of the event, and spent a little bit of time with Costello. Bynes also perused the outfits, as well as spoke with Costello’s team about sketching and design.

A friend of Bynes knows the Costello team, and that friend reached out to Costello and told him how Bynes was a fan of his. The friend let the designer know that Bynes was interested in seeing his new collection. Bynes’ friend said that the designer was very nice to her and Bynes ended up having a great time.

Costello thought it was great that Bynes wanted to attend and that she was a fan of his. He said that it’s cute when big celebrities are fans.

Amanda wasn’t alone though, as she was at the fashion launch with a male companion, but he wasn’t identified. A car was waiting outside for her, and she got into the passenger side of it.

The former child actress is no stranger to fashion, as she has attended fashion school at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in California. However, last year TMZ reported that Bynes was kicked out of school because of her behavior. Apparently, Bynes was accused of showing up to school high and she allegedly offered some students money to do her homework.

She does appear to be doing better and has intentions to continue to turn her life around. Bynes announced that she plans on attending the University of Southern California, where she plans on studying psychotherapy. As of now, it’s not known when Bynes is going to enroll into the school.

[Image by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]