Bernard Berrian, Former NFL Star, Catches Old Teammate Breaking Into His House

Bernard Berrian, former wide receiver for the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings in the NFL, caught an old college teammate breaking into his house, the Washington Post is reporting.

It’s safe to say that Bernard Berrian and old Fresno State teammate Therrian Fontenot aren’t going to be best friends any longer. The two became fast friends during their careers with the Bulldogs and remained friends during Bernard’s NFL career. And they’ve kept in touch since then — in fact, Fontenot and Berrian were at a barbecue together in April.

According to KFSN (Fresno), Berrian’s home had been broken into twice recently, so Berrian installed a security system that included cameras and motion detectors. Whenever something was amiss, Bernard would get an email notification. And he got just such a notification on his mobile device while he was at the April barbecue.

“Boom, motion sensor went off, I get an email, so I click on the live cam.”

And who did Berrian see on his live cam? His old pal Fontenot, who had been at the barbecue with him just a few minutes earlier.

“It was crazy because we were all sitting around and he actually left from where we were at to go do it.”

Berrian suspects that his old pal was likely behind the other burglaries, but he can’t prove it since he doesn’t have video evidence. But Fontenot’s recent behavior began making sense in light of the burglaries.

“He would always call me and try to ask me where I was, make sure I was out of town. If I was home all the time, he’d blow up other friends in the crew asking them the same question, where’s Bernard, how come he’s not answering his phone.”

Berrian claims that his old teammate stole around $30,000 — cash — from him.

So why did Fontenot target his old college teammate? Probably because Berrian has money, and Fontenot just wanted to look like he had money.

“He tried to keep up with this status that he was this big baller, playing, having a bunch of girls and had money and was traveling everywhere. But he wasn’t doing that on his own, it was other people that were putting him up.”

Bernard Berrian said he felt bad about sending his old teammate to jail, but he was a thief and deserved what he had coming to him.

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