Swine Flu cases confirmed in New Zealand, suspected cases in Israel, France & Spain

Ten New Zealand students who had recently returned from a trip to Mexico have been confirmed as carrying Swine Flu, bringing the total number of countries with outbreaks to three (the other two being the United States and Mexico.)

There have been reports of suspected cases across Europe, including France, Spain and Israel. In Spain, three people have been tested for Swine Flu and isolated until results are available. French health authorities have found two suspected cases of swine flu in travelers returning from Mexico and others are expected to follow, a top health official told local media Sunday.

In Israel, one man recently returned from Mexico is believed to have the virus. Israeli authorities are taking no chances with the outbreak, and have issued a general warning to the entire country that asks Israelis keep as clean as possible, to avoid crowded areas, and to immediately seek medical advice should they have any flu-like symptoms.

An earlier report of infected airline staff in the United Kingdom was cleared after tests for the virus came back negative.

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