‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Premiere Title Revealed And More Teased

Grey’s Anatomy has started production on Season 12, but there is still very little known about the upcoming season. There has been a lot of speculation, some casting news, and the cast teasing what they would like to see happen, but no solid spoilers.

Now fans know a solid fact about Grey’s Anatomy Season 12. A call sheet from the season premiere was shared on social media on Thursday and reported on by Spoiler TV. The title for episode 12.01 is “Sledgehammer.”

That does not sound like a great title for the staff of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. No one wants to see any of the characters hit with a sledgehammer literally or figuratively, but longtime fans know that song titles are used for the episode titles for this series.

“Sledgehammer” is a song by Peter Gabriel, and the lyrics do tease a bit of a dance for a couple on the series. There were three couples with their futures up in the air at the end of Grey’s Anatomy Season 11.

Jo had just asked Alex to buy a loft with her. They said those three little words to each other, and they are in a good place. However, this couple has been in a good place for some time now. It might be time to shake that up. Camilla Luddington teased a shake-up for the couple, according to a previous Inquisitr report.

April and Jackson ended Season 11 with a huge ultimatum. Jackson told April that if she went on missions overseas, their marriage was over. April’s decision was not revealed at the end of the finale. Will she stay or will she go? Fans will need to watch to find out.

The last couple that had things left hanging is Amelia and Owen. The two grew closer since she arrived in Seattle, and he helped grieve for Derek before Meredith returned from her nine-month long trip. The pair was doing the relationship dance at the end of Season 11. Could the premiere end that dance for Amelia and Owen?

Caterina Scorsone spoke about the upcoming season, and she feels that Owen and Amelia will continue to dance around each other but “not act on it.” However, Christian Today shared her comments about Amelia and Meredith. Fans could see a change between the two of them. Amelia was not happy with Meredith after Derek’s death.

“They are, actually, the two people who were most deeply affected by his death. The need to come together and be sisters, be the sisters that they are so they can help each other.”

What do you think about the season premiere title for Grey’s Anatomy Season 12? What does it mean for the drama to come?

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]