New Reality Show Coming Soon? Brandi Glanville May Be Trying To Save Face

A new reality show may offer Brandi Glanville a chance at redemption.

Although Glanville’s potential reality show has not yet been confirmed or even hinted at by anyone aside from her, the idea would certainly be a good thing for Glanville. After all, she may be able to show fans who she really is once and for all.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Glanville has expressed her frustration in Bravo’s edits in the past, claiming the network certainly hasn’t done her any favors when it comes to how she’s portrayed on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Earlier this month, while chatting with Howard Stern, via MSN, Glanville said the creators of the reality show didn’t really care about her or the other cast members — they were just trying to make a good show.

“Last year was a really tough year for me because I felt like I played ball with everyone — I gave my all to the show and then when it aired I felt like, ‘Oh my God, they did me no favors in the editing room.’ I got really upset and a little depressed. But you don’t get a say. They’re making a show — they don’t care about us.”

Glanville went on to hint at her own reality show, although she didn’t give any details regarding where or when it would air.

“I have so much more on my plate than this show, I talked to producers, I really didn’t want to come back. I have other offers to do other things and I said, ‘Listen, I will come back if it makes sense’ — if it’s with Yolanda or of it’s with Kim. Otherwise, I don’t talk to any of the other ladies, and I don’t like them.”

On July 23, however, KDrama Stars published a report, claiming Glanville’s solo reality show may be nothing more than a far-fetched dream. Earlier this week, Celebrity Dirty Laundry questioned the validity of the reality show.

“The former Real Housewife is going above and beyond to keep her name in the media and generate a buzz for her ‘[reality show]’ – which could just be a figment of her imagination,” CDL wrote.

While her reality show remains unclear, Glanville will return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in a reduced role later this year. Glanville was featured in a full-time role during Seasons 3, 4, and 5, but demoted to part-time last month.

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