‘Boston EMS’: ABC’s New Medical Emergency-Based Reality TV Show Premieres Tonight At 10, Not 9

Boston EMS, which stands for Boston Emergency Medical Services, is the latest TV show that ABC is rolling out this weekend. ABC illustrates an ongoing ability to provide viewers with the most exciting programming, and judging by their summer lineup, they haven’t disappointed. Boston EMS comes on the heels of ABC’s other show, Save My Life Boston Trauma, a docu-series that follows real-life emergency room medical staff as they treat patients battling life and death situations at various hospitals throughout Boston.

Set against the backdrop of one of Massachusetts’ most bustling cities, viewers will get to go on a live ride-a-long with Boston’s most professional and seasoned responders. The five-part series promises to serve up a daily dose of heart-stopping excitement and trauma as these emergency medical technicians, known as EMTs, rush to serve the public.

The real Boston EMS team formed in 1892 and today serves the city of Boston with over 400 emergency medical technicians and paramedics at around 15 stations all across the city of Boston. The real emergency team is dedicated to providing its citizens with medical emergency support services at home, as well as at parades, concerts, festivals, and conventions. At last count, the company has provided services for over 120,000 medical incidents and has provided emergency transport services for more than 80,000 patients around the city.

Also interesting to note is that Boston EMS was the premier medical transport provider during the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. The well-known ambulatory care service provider also oversees various departments at their home office, such as the bike team service, medical bus service, dispatch service, training operations for employees and new personnel, and a fleet service that provides maintenance for over 120 vehicles.

Be sure to tune in and watch as ABC gives you an inside peak at EMT workers as they tackle the most difficult emergency situations throughout Boston. According to ABC’s Facebook page, the TV series will begin tonight at 10 p.m. instead of 9 p.m.

Here are the trailer and tease for ABC’s Boston EMS.

“Viewers will ride along with the proud men and women of the Boston Emergency Services, one of America’s most seasoned team of first responders: the first step in the chain of trauma care. It was this same group that answered the desperate calls of runners and spectators two years ago when the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon. Treating the injured and ferrying the wounded to hospitals, the Boston EMS earned the gratitude of a shell-shocked and grief-stricken city with their cool-headed professionalism. In Boston EMS viewers will meet some of the heroes of that terrible day as they answer new calls and respond to a daily dose of trauma and mayhem. “

[Photo Credit: Facebook]