‘Pixels’ Reviews Unsurprising — Remember, It’s An Adam Sandler Film [Opinion]

Pixels had a great premise. It was a nostalgic concept built around old-school video games. The added bonus is re-thinking the kind of messages we send into space, and how they might get misinterpreted.

Sadly, all of this was wasted in the form of an Adam Sandler comedy. Is anyone surprised Pixels is a disappointment? Are you really?

To be blunt, Adam Sandler hasn’t been truly funny or relevant since the ’90s. White male privilege is the only reason we continue to endure him in 2015. Ask yourself if a woman would be gifted two decades to sink past mediocrity into painful unfunniness. How about a member of a minority ethnic group? Do you think Hollywood would let them pump out terrible movie after terrible movie?

That aside, Pixels is what happens when audiences continue to tell themselves that this movie might signal a Matthew McConaughey or Woody Harrelson-like come back for Sandler. I admit, I almost bought it with Pixels. Mind you, I haven’t seen nor intend to see Pixels. I just thought that the concept was actually really good for a comedy starring Adam Sandler.

Apparently, the only plaudits to be had were earned by the CGI and video game-related action. Outside of that, you were stuck with a movie you suddenly remembered was supposed to be funny.

We really can’t hold it against the movie critics who had to see Pixels, as it was part of their job. But if you willingly handed over your money with the naive optimism of someone who didn’t take a hard look at who the movie was built around, well you probably only have yourself to blame.

Unless you had a good time with Pixels. I don’t rule it out, but then many women don’t rule out the 5-second rule, either (and you probably should).

Now that reviewers have hit the “power button” on Pixels, we are inevitably stuck with the age-old question: How long is Hollywood going to continue to indulge Mr. Sandler and his worthless comedy movies?

At 48-years-old, an actress in his shoes would already be put out to pasture — We know Hollywood places an expiration date on anyone with a vagina. Unless, of course, it’s Meryl Streep.

Meanwhile, it’s not uncommon for actors, directors, and other men in the industry continue well into their 70s and beyond. Are we going to have to endure Sandler flops for another 20 or 30 years?

So what did you think of Pixels? Will any future Adam Sandler project be worth seeing? Share your thoughts below!

[Image Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment/YouTube]