Disturbing Video Shows Father Repeatedly Kicking And Choking Son For Having Trouble On His Homework, Mother Films But Does Nothing To Stop Abuse

A disturbing video shows a father in Thailand kicking and choking his young son because the boy is struggling with his homework, and the boy's mother filmed the whole thing without intervening.

The video was uploaded to Facebook on Saturday and quickly went viral, being shared to Reddit and garnering thousands of views in just a few hours. In the roughly two-minute video, the father sits on the floor beside a young child who appears to be attempting to read from a textbook.

As the boy struggles, the father lashes out violently, kicking the boy and sending him tumbling to the ground. The attacks grow in intensity as the boy becomes upset and struggles to read, with the father repeatedly kicking the boy down.

Near the end of the video the man becomes filled with rage, picking the boy up only to kick him down over and over again. He then punches the boy in the head, grabs him by the neck, and throws him to the ground before picking up the hardcover textbook and slamming it down.

The YouTube description, which was originally written in Thai, offers only a little context. When translated into English, it says that the father was quizzing the boy and that the mother didn't seem to put a stop to the abuse.

The video of the father kicking and choking his son came after a handful of other disturbing videos hit the internet. Earlier this week a similarly sickening video came out of Memphis, where a mother who appeared to be in a psychotic fit, was seen violently throwing a 19-day old baby while the father videotaped.

For a long time the man did nothing to stop the abuse, before finally picking up the battered infant.

Lily Moore, the grandmother of Christian Moore, told Fox 13 News that the mother was not of sane mind when the incident occurred.

"Knowing my daughter, that was not my normal daughter.

"She told me that he (the boy's father) kicked the door in and it frightened her, and she had been off her meds for about nine months because she didn't want to take anything to harm the baby."

It is still unclear what happened in the aftermath of the video from Thailand. There was no immediate stories available about the incident, and whether the father may be facing any charges.

Video of the father beating and choking his young son can be seen here, but be warned that it is disturbing.

[Image via YouTube]