‘Friends’ Set Secrets Revealed: Matt LeBlanc Hated Matthew Perry?

Paul LeBlanc, the father of Matt LeBlanc, has decided to follow-up his recent allegation that his son used to repeatedly make out with his Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston by making some more wild allegations about Matt’s relationships with his fellow actors on the show.

Radar Online reported that LeBlanc wasn’t a big fan of some of his fellow Friends. Paul LeBlanc remarked that Matt LeBlanc actually didn’t like Matthew Perry, and instead thought he was an “a**hole.”

Paul insisted that Matt LeBlanc “wanted to pound on [Matthew] a couple of times” during the shooting of Friends.

Of course, throughout the show’s run, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc played best friends and one-time roommates Chandler Bing and Joey Tribianni, so the revelation that the actors possibly didn’t actually like each other will be hard for fans of Friends to stomach.

But it wasn’t just Matthew Perry that Matt LeBlanc had a problem with; Paul LeBlanc has also revealed that his son had a problem with David Schwimmer, who played Ross Geller.

According to Paul LeBlanc, Matt thought that Schwimmer was “kind of dry, a bit too serious.” However, Matt LeBlanc didn’t hate everyone on the set of Friends, as Paul LeBlanc admitted that the actor “always liked Lisa Kudrow.”

But Paul LeBlanc was adamant that the bad blood that still simmers between the members of the cast pretty much means that there will never be a Friends reunion.

There are plenty of reasons why we should take Paul LeBlanc’s comments with a huge pinch of salt, though. That’s because, according to News.com, the father and son haven’t actually spoken in three years.

During the same interview, Paul LeBlanc stated that the amount of money that Matt has made throughout his hugely successful television career has altered him greatly.

“I’d rather he was poor and be a human being,” Paul LeBlanc insisted. “I’m obviously proud of what he’s achieved but he has no compassion. The more money he makes the more ruthless he gets. He’s still my son but I’m very hurt by what he’s done and the type of person he’s become. He’s not ‘Joey’ that everybody loves. On TV he’s a loving man, but in reality he’s not.”

Meanwhile, a representative for Matt LeBlanc has strongly denied all of the allegations that his father has made.

[Image via NBC]