Janet Jackson’s ‘No Sleeep’ Music Video Featuring J. Cole Gets 1.48 Million YouTube Views [Video]

Fans loved Janet Jackson’s long, curly weave at the BET Awards, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now those same fans get a chance to see Janet rocking her long, curly weave again in the music video titled “No Sleeep,” with an extra “e” in the word sleep. The video featuring Jackson was just released on YouTube on July 24, and already “No Sleeep” is up to 1.478 million video views and counting upwards.

In Jackson’s “No Sleeep” video, Janet can be seen paying homage to her father, Joe Jackson, during the earlier scenes of the video, with a photo montage of the man featuring Janet as a young girl. Other photos of Janet as a young girl appear throughout the video, with Jackson posing with her Raggedy Ann dolls. The photos of a young Janet with braided cornrows reminds Jackson lovers of her days starring as the abused “Penny” on Good Times.

But there’s no abuse in this beautiful, laid-back, and dizzying “No Sleeep” video, especially when J. Cole makes his appearance to spit his bars about friends with benefits and digging in Janet’s mind for diamonds. The sultry song features Miss-Jackson-if-you’re-nasty strolling around a gorgeous home and climbing stairs and slinking around at a lot slower pace than in her “Pleasure Principle” video.

“I hope u enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it. #NoSL333P @JColeNC” The album version of “No Sleeep” featuring J. Cole out now!

According to YouTube, the “No Sleeep” music video is very popular. It has landed at the number 1 spot on YouTube’s “Popular Right Now” list of 200 videos. The four-minute, 31-second video is a very stylized, laid-back kind of summer delight that finds folks bobbing their heads along to the beat.

Although there has been controversy over Janet’s “No Sleeep” song not getting enough radio airplay and not being a great representation of the “banger” song that should represent Jackson’s comeback, the song is growing on listeners.

On Twitter, the reaction seems largely positive to Jackson’s “No Sleeep” video, with the video giving both Janet and her song the attention some claimed it had lacked until now.

With more than 1.478 million views on YouTube in one day, Janet’s “No Sleeep” video is certainly the talk of the web on Saturday.

“No Sleeep” is Janet’s first music video in seven years, and some scenes remind fans of Jackson’s videos from prior years.

[Image via “No Sleeep” YouTube video]