Mila Kunis: Back From Honeymoon, Back At Work And Taking A ‘Shine To Mining’

Mila Kunis and her new husband Ashton are getting back into their daily routines after enjoying a lovely garden wedding then following it up with a fun RV road trip across California; of course, baby Wyatt didn’t miss a moment of fun either, as the couple was sure to take the little one along.

Since the newlywed’s return, Kunis has continued looking as radiant as ever, including when she was spotted working in Los Angeles on Monday. As the Daily Mail notes, when Mila exited the studio at which she is filming, her attire complemented the relaxed and gorgeous star’s usual demeanor. The publication shared, “The mother of one looked radiant in a white tank top and striped midi skirt, keeping the look even more summery in her slip on sandals.”


And isn’t it wonderful that this look can be achieved without the high price of designer brands seeing as this very midi skirt is actually directly from Forever 21. Who doesn’t love a chic and relaxed look at a bargain price?

The brunette beauty seemed to be attempting to get some fresh air and sipped away on a cold beverage while chatting and smiling happily at passersby in the studio parking lot.

The 31-year-old has also gotten herself involved in another avenue of work other than that of her film and television career. Kunis is taking an interest in mining. The Black Swan star has become the spokesperson for Gemfields, which is a mining company that prides itself on providing rare and valuable stones. Mila is specifically the face for the emerald. About the opportunity, Mila admits she was initially confused, speaking candidly with Bloomberg News.

“You know, it was the weirdest thing because I was like ‘What’s Gemfields?’ At first you’re like ‘Is it a jewelry company? Do they make their own jewelry? What is it exactly?’ At that point they were like ‘Well, why don’t you be the spokesperson for emerald.’ “

Bloomberg reminds of the importance of celebrity endorsements, not only for products, but for entire industries.

“It’s thought celebrity endorsements help reach customers and increase sales, when paired with the right brand. Sometimes it’s needed to develop an industry. Bloomberg’s Tom Gibson reports on why a mining company employs actress Mila Kunis.”

Watch this promotional video which involves Ms. Kunis as the Gemfields spokesperson.

A lovely choice for this specific Gemfield’s camapaign, Kunis is sure to be as beneficial to the mining company as intended.

[Feature image by David Buchan/Getty Images]