Meek Mill Accused Of Using Ghostwriter And ‘Jacking’ Songs

Earlier this week, rapper Meek Mill caused a furor in the hip-hop world when he called out Canadian rapper Drake. Meek accused Drake of using a ghostwriter and said that Drake doesn’t write his own songs.

Mill’s rant on Twitter came on the same night that his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, also started a Twitter flame war with Taylor Swift. Meek’s allegations took the hip-hop world by storm as using writers is frowned upon in rap circles.

Now it is being suggested that Meek is a hypocrite. TMZ suggests that Meek Mill is “throwing stones from a giant glass house” because he is being accused of ripping off parts of another rapper’s song. Lil George, a 17-year-old rapper from Detroit, claims that Meek has ripped off his song called “I Got the Sauce,” which was released back in October of last year. Whilst Lil George’s tune wasn’t a huge hit, he says it got plenty of underground exposure in the hip-hop world.

Lil George claims that when Meek dropped his track “I Got the Juice,” fans immediately began to call out Meek for “ripping off George’s rhythm and hook.” Bizarrely, the controversy doesn’t end there. According to Hip-Hop Dx Chicago rapper Machie Rei is also claiming that Meek ripped off his song.

Rei made a video post to Facebook in which he calls out Meek, saying that he stole “I Got the Juice” from him. Rei uses much more colorful language than we would put into print here on Inquisitr, but basically he accuses Meek of copying his song. He then plays the hook to his song and that to Meek Mill’s song. Both hooks repeatedly rap “I Got the Juice” in the same flow, and they do sound very similar.

Rei pulls no punches in his video and directly accuses Meek of ripping off his rap. Rei questions why a “superstar” rapper would steal other people’s material and says Meek ripped off his lyrics and his beat. He also says that he will not allow Meek to “play him like that.”

In a third shot at Meek’s credibility, All Hip-Hop questions whether Meek might have used a ghostwriter himself in the past. The article points out that in Meek’s song “Ain’t Me,” the rapper uses the line “you ain’t gotta like my s**t, paid for the flow, I don’t write my s**t.” This, the site suggests, leads many to question whether or not Meek Mill has used a ghostwriter himself in the past.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]