Super Bowl 50 Predictions: Harvard Picks Seattle Seahawks Vs. Miami Dolphins As Next Super Bowl Match-Up

Super Bowl 50 predictions now include an interesting entry from Harvard. A Seattle Seahawks vs. Miami Dolphins prediction was made, suggesting that Super Bowl 50 could have a very interesting representative from the AFC. A report from the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective crunched the numbers and revealed that the most likely match-up for the next Super Bowl is Seattle vs. Miami. There are millions of fans for other NFL teams that won’t be happy about these predictions, especially when the defending champions are still the New England Patriots.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Seattle Seahawks traded for Pro Bowl tight end Jimmy Graham during the NFL offseason. It gives quarterback Russell Wilson a big weapon over the middle of the field, and it might make this Seahawks team even better than the past two seasons. It could certainly set things up for a third-straight trip to the Super Bowl, especially if the predictions coming from Harvard turn out to be correct.

The researchers at the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective weighted the players and the talents on each team, then used that data to come up with the percentage that each team would make the postseason. Taking that one step further, they concluded that the two most-likely teams to make it to Super Bowl 50 are the Seahawks and Dolphins. Each team was graded as the most talented in its respected conference, with the Seahawks receiving 95 percent odds of making the postseason and the Dolphins receiving 77 percent.

An earlier report from CBS Sports revealed that Las Vegas was putting the best odds on it being a Seattle Seahawks vs. Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl. Those Super Bowl 50 predictions would make a lot of sense, as the Colts lost in the AFC title game to the New England Patriots last season. The team has improved during the NFL offseason, and might have the talent to get out of the AFC Playoffs this time around. They will, of course, have to get through the Patriots and Denver Broncos again.

Some of the other teams with good odds of making the 2016 NFL Playoffs includes the Green Bay Packers (93 percent), Kansas City Chiefs (66 percent), Patriots (62 percent), Colts (62 percent), Broncos (62 percent), and New York Jets (56 percent). As for the teams least likely to make the playoffs, Harvard states that the are the Oakland Raiders (1 percent), Tennessee Titans (2 percent), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3 percent), and Jacksonville Jaguars (3 percent). Even with all the Super Bowl 50 predictions that favor the Seattle Seahawks winning it all, making a third-straight title game out of the NFC is not going to be an easy task.

[Image Source: John Moore/Getty Images]