Marie Holmes Charged With Marijuana Possession: Police Busted Winner Of $188 Mn. Powerball Lottery While Trying To Arrest A Felon

Marie Holmes has been charged with possession of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia. She had famously won $188 million in a Powerball lottery a few months earlier.

When Holmes had won the Powerball earlier this year, she had promised to better the lives of her children, all four of them, below the age of 10. Holmes had vowed to buy a house. However, when the police showed up, she was not just still living in a trailer, but was accompanied by a known felon.

In fact, it was the felon that the police had come searching for. Authorities ended up arresting Marie Holmes since they also found marijuana and drug paraphernalia on the premises.

The stay-at-home mom and former McDonald’s employee used to live in a trailer with several other families prior to winning the Powerball lottery of $188 million.

When asked what she would do with the riches, she had moved the world with her emotional revelations, “Winning still ‘doesn’t feel real. It’s not going to change the person that I am, but it’s going to change our situation. It’s going to be very fortunate. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunities this has created for my family.”

However, Holmes failed to stay true to the only altruistic promise she publicly made and was still living in the trailer with multiple roommates, one of which is directly responsible for her current predicament.

Marie Holmes’ marijuana drug bust happened only because police came to her trailer home looking for Lamar Andre McDow. The police had an arrest warrant for 31-years-old McDow for violating his curfew requirements. Incidentally, he is believed to be Marie Holmes’ fiancé, and she has even bailed him out by paying $3 million bond money from the millions she won.

McDow was charged and arrested for trafficking heroin, and Holmes was living with him. When the police came looking for McDow, they smelled marijuana and returned with a search warrant, only to find more evidence of drug use. In addition to marijuana, the police discovered a weapon; a.45-caliber pistol, reported Canada Journal.

Now Marie Holmes faces charges of marijuana possession. Interestingly, the internet seems to be divided on how the events turned out the suddenly-rich Marie Holmes. However, many agree that winning millions in the lottery doesn’t make you smarter.

Incidentally, Holmes had opted for a lump sum payment of her winnings, which turned out to be $127 million, which further reduced to $88 million after taxes.

[Image Credit | YouTube Screen Grab]