Chris Harrison On ‘Bachelorette’ Kaitlyn Bristowe: ‘We Stand Behind Her’

Bachelorette fans will learn Monday who gets the final rose from Kaitlyn Bristowe. Bristowe is set to choose either Nick Viall or Shawn Booth to become her husband, but, as host Chris Harrison told Entertainment Tonight, she may pick no one.

Harrison says that dramatic ending would be the result of Bristowe’s strong feelings for both men and their distaste for one another.

“If ever there was a possibility of [a Bachelorette] just walking away with nobody, it’s this season. She’s having such a tough time, and she’s dealing with two guys who are kind of making more drama than there needs to be.”

This season has been tumultuous, with Bristowe taking a lot of heat online for her choices. During last Monday’s Men Tell All special, Harrison read aloud some mean tweets directed at Bristowe. Writing in his blog for Yahoo TV, Harrison said the show supports Kaitlyn and wanted to send the message that bullying is not okay.

“Even on the Internet, you should treat people the way you want to be treated. If you wouldn’t say it to your mother, you shouldn’t say it to anyone. I respect Kaitlyn’s strength and decisions and we, as a show, stand behind her as a strong, independent woman capable of making her own choices.”

Before the special, word had leaked that Bristowe broke down in tears not when the tweets were read, but when her former suitors stood up in solidarity to support her.

Bristowe blogged on People after the special that it was difficult to hear the hateful words directed at her, however, she was glad for the opportunity to bring attention to online bullying.

Harrison echoed that sentiment in an interview with Us Weekly. Harrison said this is the first time The Bachelorette has had to deal with online hate. His hope was that after the Men Tell All special aired online bullies might be inclined to stop the negative comments.

On Monday’s episode, Kaitlyn will introduce the men to her family. In a sneak peek of the episode, Kaitlyn’s mother calls out Shawn for his jealous streak. She is interested to know how that will affect their future relationship, if there is one.

When Kaitlyn was vying for Chris Soules’ affections on The Bachelor, her mother also made an appearance during the hometown dates. In a deleted scene later released by ABC, she gave Kaitlyn a comical gift to use in the fantasy suite.

The Bachelorette finale and the After the Final Rose special airs Monday on ABC.

[Images: ABC; Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images Entertainment]