‘Star Wars Rebels: Servants Of The Empire’ — The Best ‘Star Wars’ Ongoing Title And It’s Not From Marvel

If you haven’t heard of Star Wars Rebels: Servants of the Empire, you are really missing out. The title has flown under the radar in most adult circles because it is technically written for middle grade students. However, much like the show that it is based from, Servants of the Empire is a top notch series for all fans of the Star Wars Universe.

Servants of the Empire is currently on the third of four titles that are set to come out before Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The story follows a character we meet in the first season of Star Wars Rebels, Zare Leonis. Leonis Appears in the episode “Breaking Ranks.” In the episode, Ezra Bridger, Jedi in training, is posing as an Imperial cadet. Ezra is trying to steal a decoder that will allow him to retrieve the location of a crystal the rebels need to destroy.

Leonis is suspicious of this new cadet. He seems to have incredible instincts when it comes to the obstacles that are placed before him in training. We find out in the second book of Servants of the Empire, Rebel Ranks, that there is more to Leonis than what’s on the surface. He too has his own reasons for being at the academy, and it is not because he wishes to rub shoulders with Darth Vader.

The meeting between Zare and Ezra is told in one of the chapters from Zare’s point of view. It is the perfect example of how the new story group in charge of the new Star Wars canon has gone to great links to weave one complete tale through books, comics, television, and movies.

The other stories currently available in the Star Wars Rebels: Servants of the Empire series include the first book Edge of the Galaxy and the recently released third book Imperial Justice. The final book in the series is set to release on October 6. It is entitled The Secret Academy. Of all the current ongoing stories including Marvel’s Star Wars Comics line, Servants of the Empire is the best.

Servants of the Empire is written by Jason Fry. Fry is no stranger to the “Galaxy Far, Far Away.” He has penned numerous books and guides in the Star Wars mythos, including both the Legends series as well as the new canon. Some of his other titles include Star Wars: The Essential Atlas and The Clone Wars: Bounty Hunter. Fry is also set to release The Weapon of a Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventure on Force Friday, September 4.

If you have had the opportunity to read Star Wars Rebels: Servants of the Empire, I’d love to hear what you had to say about it in the comments. Be careful not to give too many spoilers.

[Photo by LucasFilms and Disney Press]