Wyoming Man Caught Smuggling 30 Eyeballs In Anal Cavity — Police Say Story Is A Hoax

A story is going around the Internet, and it is honestly one of the weirder ones that has ever been put in the web. A man reportedly was stopped for a traffic stop in Wyoming, and he was ordered to take a field sobriety test. It was then that a number of eyeballs slid out of his pants leg and police found him to be smuggling 30 eyeballs in his anal cavity. Apparently, police are also now saying this story is a hoax.

According to Crazed, 51-year-old Roy Tilbott stepped out of his El Camino in Wyoming and was about to begin taking the field sobriety test for the cops. The police of Casper, Wyoming, noticed that something had slid out of his pant leg as he started to walk around. That “something” happened to be eyeballs.

Believing they had a murderer or some sort of crazed person in front of them, the officers drew their weapons, cuffed Tilbott, and placed him under arrest, according to the article.

The website’s article added that Tilbott tried to explain to the police officers that the eyeballs they had seen were not of the human variety. He stated that they were the eyeballs of cows that he had stolen from a slaughterhouse known as Johnson Meats. According to the story, Tilbott works there as a butcher.

Apparently, at least 30 of the cow eyeballs were found on or more so in Tilbott’s person. He had smuggled them in his anal cavity, and when he stood up for the field sobriety test, some simply fell out.

According to a huge Reddit thread, Tilbott enjoyed eating the cow eyeballs and didn’t know of any other way to smuggle them out of his place of employment than in his anal cavity. An alleged police report featured on the website has quotes from Tilbott saying he has smuggled several thousand eyeballs in the past few months.

“Company won’t let us take animal scraps home and instead toss them in the landfill. They’re a very wasteful company. We should be allowed to take scrap meat and other parts home. The company should start a green initiative. They don’t even have recycling at the plant.

“I enjoy eating bovine eyeballs and smuggling them out in my colon was the only way I knew how to get them out without potentially getting caught and fired.”

As disturbing as this story sounds, Kiss Casper is reporting that it is totally, 100 percent fake and a hoax. What people fail to realize is that the story originated on a satire website and didn’t bother to look for the validity of it all.

After being shared once, it’s now been shared thousands of times on different forms of social media, and people take it as real. The site that began it all, unlike those such as The Onion, gives little indication that its stories are fake.

The internet is full of different hoax stories such as the Facebook copyright rule or the free Amazon gift cards or the death of Willie Nelson.

A story of a Wyoming man smuggling 30 eyeballs in his anal cavity almost seems too absurd to be true, and in this case, it’s not true. Still, it is making the rounds and everyone is already starting to believe it, but it’s just a hoax.

[Image via Crazed.com]