Father Tries To Sacrifice Son At Cemetery, Says Deceased Grandmother Told Him To

A father in San Diego was arrested for trying to sacrifice his son in a local cemetery.

30 year old Joseph Ramirez is in custody after two women stopped him from trying to sacrifice his son at Mount Hope Cemetery Saturday. Ramirez took his family to the cemetery around 4:30 p.m. telling them that his deceased grandmother had spoken to him and told him to sacrifice his 8 year old son, reports NBC.

According to reports released by local officers, one of the candles Ramirez brought with him to the cemetery broke and he used the piece of broken glass from it to slash at his son’s forearms. He then slashed his own.

Corey Granberry, a 21 year old medical assistant, and her best friend Jaymisha Pires were visiting her godson’s grave when they noticed a woman with her clothes covered in blood calling for help.

Pires confronted Ramirez, trying to talk him into letting his son go. She tells the San Diego Union Tribune:

“My motherly instincts kicked in when I saw him hurting that little boy. It was a blur. I just wanted him to stop.”

Ramirez kept telling Pires:


“We’re going to Jesus, we’re going to Jesus.”

Eventually Ramirez let go of his son and ran, only to be tackled by Dana Fontenot, a 60-year-old security guard at his third day on the job.

Granberry grabbed the boy and wrapped his wounds with a shirt. He was transported to Rady’s Children’s Hospital for treatment.

Ramirez was also transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Once released from the hospital he will be booked into county jail on charges of child abuse and assault with a deadly weapon.

The video below is of a similar case involving a young woman that killed her daughter, believing she was a demon. Anyone else believe people are just crazy?