‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: The Week 5 ‘BB17’ Nominees For Eviction Are Revealed, Twin Twist Takes A Turn

Big Brother 17 spoilers now reveal the Week 5 nominations. The BB17 house held its Battle of the Block competition on Friday night, July 24, with some unplanned results taking place for the new Head of Household. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vanessa Rousso and Jackie Ibarra won the Week 5 HOH competition. They then set up a plan where Vanessa’s nominees were supposed to win the BOTB and dethrone Jackie from power. A report from fan site Big Brother Network confirms that things didn’t go according to plan.

At the nomination ceremony Jackie nominated Liz Nolan and James Huling, while Vanessa nominated Becky Burgess and Clay Honeycutt. The two HOHs concocted a plan with James to throw the competition, which would have left Jackie as the sole HOH. Instead, Liz and James won it, saving themselves and keeping Becky and Clay at risk of going home. With Vanessa now in charge of the BB17 house, there is still a chance that the “backdoor” option could be used.

As for the Twin Twist, that might be the most interesting aspect of these Big Brother 17 spoilers. Because Liz Nolan was able to get herself off the block in the BOTB competition, she now has safety from getting evicted in Week 5. It guarantees that Julia Nolan will be able to enter the house after that fifth eviction takes place. The twins will get the chance to play in the house together, which in itself might change the whole dynamic of BB17. It might also be easier to predict that a double eviction is coming soon.

Since Vanessa Rousso still has the power, she could target Austin Matelson like she had claimed to want. What she had wanted to happen, though, was for Jackie to take the fall for going after him with her nominees. Now the only way to get Austin out would be for Vanessa to actually reveal that she is targeting someone within her own alliance. The other opportunity that presents itself is for Vanessa to make a big game move and not just go with “what the house wants” in Week 5.

The most interesting outcome of the upcoming Veto competition and Veto ceremony would be for the nominees to remain the same. Then the BB17 house would have to decide between evicting Becky Burgess or Clay Honeycutt. That might be a tough one to predict, with so many “floaters” that would have to take a side in the vote. The next round of Big Brother 17 spoilers will include who has won the Veto, and that could shape how Vanessa Rousso approaches the rest of Week 5.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]