Maroon 5 Releases European Tour Video

Maroon 5 may have wrapped up their European Tour, but Adam Levine and company are treating their fans to the memories. As mentioned on their Twitter account, Maroon 5 has posted a brand new recap video on their YouTube page.

The video, shot and directed by Travis Schneider, features a sexy Parisian voice narrating atop fast paced clips of Maroon 5 on tour in Europe. The female is presumably a part of Maroon 5’s traveling entourage as she supplies an intimate look behind the curtain as the band hits different cities along the way. Screaming fans welcome Adam Levine and company as they travel across Paris, London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Amsterdam before also hitting Morocco, Munich, Barcelona, Madrid, and Lisbon in the video.

The Maroon 5 European Tour montage also makes mention of the cancelled show in Liverpool when Adam Levine’s voice was too ragged to perform in the hometown of the Beatles.

Levine was able to recuperate in time for their very next appearance in Birmingham however.

One key element mentioned in the video is the importance to each member of Maroon 5 in playing several historic cities. Manchester for example, is the home of a bevy of popular music acts that includes Oasis, The Buzzcocks, Stone Roses, The Smiths, and The Bee Gees, something that did not go unnoticed by bassist Mickey Madden.

Another cool aspect to the film is the enormous detail fans of Maroon 5 are sure to be interested in. For example, the narrator mentions that the band takes in the film Sexy Beast by Jonathon Glazer while snacking on chips and drinking red wine. The video also attempts to portray life on the road as grueling despite the cool factor behind hordes of fans waiting in the rain to catch a glimpse of the band.

“Too much sun…not enough sleep,” the narrator insists.

Fans of Maroon 5 may also recognize director Travis Schneider’s name as the man who shot the infamous “butt video” featuring front man Adam Levine’s rear for the band’s summer single “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt.” Unfortunately for female Maroon 5 fans everywhere, this new European Tour Video does not feature any outtakes.

You can watch Adam Levine and Maroon 5 in their new European Tour video below.

[Photo credit: David Becker / Getty Images]