Cara Delevingne On Her ‘Suicide Squad’ Audition: ‘I Literally Wanted To Kill Someone’ [Video]

Cara Delevingne’s experiences in Hollywood go a long way in confirming what many of us have known but never experienced first hand and that is that getting work in Hollywood is uniquely difficult. As Cara relates the experience of her first Suicide Squad audition, Ms. Delevingne reveals that she isn’t always as meek or reserved as she sometimes seems.

In fact, Cara says that the Suicide Squad director David Ayer intentionally provoked her almost to a blind rage during the Suicide Squad audition.

“David [Ayer] has a really amazing skill for riling up a lot of emotion in you,” Delevingne said on the Late Night with Seth Meyers, “so by the time I left I literally wanted to kill someone, I was so angry.”

While some of the other characters may be well known to most, Cara’s character, Enchantress, may not be familiar to those that don’t follow comic books. Enchantress is a sorceress from Asgard, the same realm from which Thor comes, and she also has a secret identity as a mild-mannered researcher. Cara says she understands the duality in her Suicide Squad character.

“A mousy kind of scientist and then a crazy feral witch,” Ms. Delevingne said. “Which is great! Both sides of my personality!”

Check out the full interview below:

Cara Delevingne has been out promoting her latest film, Paper Towns, in which Cara plays a missing teen girl whose disappearance prompts a group to embark on a journey in hopes of finding their missing classmate.

Suicide Squad casts Ms. Delevingne alongside some heavy Hollywood hitters, such as Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto, so Suicide Squad may just be the kind of film Cara has needed to thrust herself into Hollywood’s limelight.

Cara wants fans and critics to know that she has worked hard to realize her dream of breaking into acting, much as her role model Charlize Theron had done in her own life, and that her efforts should be recognized.

“I work really hard and don’t want anyone to think that this is a fluke or I got this because of my social media presence,” Ms. Delevingne said of her role as Margo Spiegelman in Paper Towns. “If I got this part, I’d like to think it’s on merit.”

Paper Towns, which stars Nat Wolff and Austin Abrams alongside Cara Delevingne, was released in theaters today.

[Featured image: Cara Delevingne courtesy of Larry Busacca/Getty Images]