Ex-Drill Sergeant Denies His Viral Rant Is Fat Shaming ‘Lazy’ Overweight People [Video]

John Burk, the self-described fitness motivator, wants you to know that it is definitely not okay to be overweight, and that excuse-making fat people sort of make him sick.

In a no-holds-barred rant that he denies constitutes fat shaming, the former U.S. Army drill sergeant bluntly describes overweight persons in a video now gone viral as “repulsive and disgusting” because, in his view, they lack basic self-discipline to make proper lifestyle choices for themselves and especially their kids.

Excluding those with thyroid and other similar medical issues, most people are fat because of “sheer f*****g laziness,” Burk declares in the video

See the video embedded below (NSFW for strong language) and reach your own conclusions about whether he is fat shaming.

Far too many Americans, he contends, are sending themselves to an early grave with a poor quality of life which includes no physical exercise and a “garbage diet.”

Burk’s initial recipe, as it were, for success includes cutting out sugary drinks, implementing at least one healthy meal a day, and getting off the couch and becoming active.

Burk, 31, insists he’s not engaging in fat shaming, but that he is imploring obsese individuals to change their life “before a doctor comes in and says ‘there’s nothing we can do.'”

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic across all age groups. In the U.S. alone, obesity afflicts about 35 percent of adult Americans and 17-20 percent of children according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. The associated healthcare costs have increased to an estimated $190 billion annually because obesity increases the risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other serious illnesses.

A recent study predicted that more than half of the people living in 39 states will be obese by 2030.

The Georgia-based workout warrior himself occasionally visits fast-food venues for “an unhealthy meal now and then.” Based on this empirical research, he holds parents responsible for passing bad eating habits along to their children.

“I’ll watch someone overweight come in that [fast-food] restaurant. And you know what I’m looking for right behind them? The children that are exactly the same way. Direct reflections of those [parents] because they can’t teach them right. Because they’re too lazy to go out there and cook a f*****g healthy meal.”

Those parents are also answerable for their kids being subject to harassment in school, he asserted.

“Bullying is out there…Who do they go for first? The overweight kids. Why? That’s just how life is. I don’t agree with it, I was bullied, but that’s just the way it is, and it’s never gonna stop.

“You’re putting your children at risk for low self-confidence when you feed them s**t after s**t after s**t. And I don’t even want to mention how unhealthy it is!”

Burk’s Facebook page and other social media platforms provide a forum for those who agree and disagree with his controversial message.

“While many commenters thank him for giving them the motivation they desperately need, others point out that his unempathetic speech ignores crucial weight-influencing factors and could potentially make them worse,” People noted.

“Burk told TheBlaze that his video was not him trying to fat-shame, but instead raise awareness. He compared his message to the anti-smoking campaign which encouraged others to live a healthier life…He added that in the next few weeks he will be launching a website providing free fitness and nutrition advice for people interested in losing weight.”

Further expounding on his message, Burk told the Daily Mail that, “The truth hurts. When somebody is confronted with the truth and they allow it to reform them and make them stronger, that’s great. When people run away from it and play the fat-shaming card, that’s a cowardly response.”

Directly responding to one dissenter on his page, Burk didn’t sugarcoat anything, writing in part that “I’ve spent 12 years in the army, 4-1/2 deployed, and managed to stay in shape in the mountains of Afghan by working out in the blistering sun. I have two children and work 14 hour days. I STILL find time to exercise.”

Do you think that the John Burk rant is an example of fat shaming or fitness motivating or somewhere in between?

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