‘Pokémon Shuffle’ Passcodes And Special Events: July 2015 Guide — Part 2

July has been chock full of Pokémon Shuffle goodness. To help you “catch ’em all,” the Inquisitr delivers an update to guide you through all the fun events going down this month.

Pokemon Shuffle for Nintendo 3DS - Image courtesy Nintendo

As the Inquisitr previously reported in Part 1 of the July Pokémon Shuffle guide, the current active passcode is 06150503. It gives the player three “Moves +5” items. These can be handy for those clutch moments when you just need a couple more moves to clear the level and it can help you save on splurging on gems at the end of a level. The passcode expires September 15, 2015.

Catch Kyogre

Until July 31 at 6:00 (UTC), trainers can try to catch the legendary Kyogre. According to the official site, its many barrier disruptions can be tricky to bring down. Once caught, however, it comes with a strong barrier breaking ability of its own.

Battle For Blazikenite

The latest competition pits players against the blazing hot Fire-type Mega Blaziken. Blazikenite is awarded to the top 20,000 high scores. The top 6,000 get a Mega Speedup plus the Blazikenite. If you would like to practice against regular Blaziken, you can find it in Expert Stage 12. A consolation prize in the form of a Complexity-1 is being given to those who just miss out on getting the Blazikenite who score between 20,001 and 25,000. All other Pokémon Shuffle competitors earn a jewel for their participation. The battle for Blazikenite ends July 27 at 6:00 (UTC).

Wobbuffet’s New Stage

Wobbuffet is host to a new element in Pokémon Shuffle called the “Try ’em Items Stage.” Until August 20 at 6:00 (UTC), players can practice using select items for free. So far, Wobbuffet is letting players try out the Mega Start item for free. Check back periodically to see if he has new items to try out. Practicing with items can be a great way to try ’em before you buy ’em. Take advantage of the opportunity and catch that counter-attacking Pokémon while you’re at it.

New Escalation Battle: Cresselia

Make a point to capture Cresselia in the escalation battles. Its Barrier Smash+ ability will be worth your time and effort. According to the official Pokémon Shuffle website, it can bring a pretty striking end to those annoying barrier disruptions.

“Cresselia has the Barrier Bash+ skill, which sometimes removes three barrier-type disruptions. It’s a good skill to have when facing foes that send out plenty of disruptions!”

The limited time event lasts until August 3 at 6:00 (UTC). Remember, the more you battle Cresselia in the escalation battle, the higher your chance at catching it becomes. Plus, there are level rewards given out once you clear specific levels. Beat Level 5 for a Moves+5 item, Level 10 for a Disruption Delay, Level 30 for a Mega Start, and Level 5 for a Mega Speedup.

The second half of July includes quite a bit for Shuffle enthusiasts to enjoy until next month. Got a player tip? Share it with your fellow trainers in the comments below.

[Images courtesy Nintendo]