Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert Divorce: Does Singer Cady Groves Know Something We Don't?

"The Voice" Judge Blake Shelton and his former wife, country singer Miranda Lambert, have gotten divorced after just four years of marriage. Media outlets caught Miranda at her last performance without her wedding ring on, but the reasons for her divorce from Shelton are unclear at the moment. According to various rumors, both Shelton and Lambert were said to have had affairs with other partners during their marriage. This hasn't been confirmed just yet, but Hollywood Life did uncover that 39-year-old Shelton had been exchanging flirtatious tweets with fellow country singer Cady Groves. Groves is now tweeting mysterious messages that some believe are referencing a lost relationship with Shelton.

It's not clear exactly what mistake Groves is referring to. Groves was one of the singers selected to join Blake's team on this season of "The Voice", and she spent a good amount of time with Shelton while he was mentoring her. According to the Inquisitr, Miranda Lambert was also alleged to have been cheating on Shelton with country singer Chris Young, a rumor both Young and Lambert denied.Miranda was also seen at a recent performance without her wedding ring. Lambert broke down in tears during the performance while she sang "The House That Built Me." Despite the rumors, the International Business Times revealed that Shelton and Miranda did not cite cheating as a reason for their divorce.

One of Groves' earlier tweets pointed to the fact that she was once engaged, leading media sources to speculate that the tweets were about her ex-fiancé rather than Shelton. Shelton wrote an Instagram post praising his wife several months before the divorce.


People Magazine reports that Shelton filed for divorce on July 6th in Oklahoma, and Miranda was reported to have been leaning on close friend Ashley Monroe for support. Shelton had previously been married to Kaynette Williams, but the two divorced in 2006. Lambert's marriage to Blake was her first, and they had been married since 2011. Though there were pregnancy rumors surrounding Lambert's marriage, they were never confirmed. Despite the breakup, the stars seem to be doing okay and were even comfortable joking with one another over Twitter.

[Photo By Ezra Shaw / Getty Images]