Did Nick Viall Get Paid To Come On ‘The Bachelorette,’ Or Did He Risk Rejection For Free?

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe’s guys left their jobs for an opportunity to find love, and they did it all for free. However, there is speculation that Nick Viall, who joined the cast on Week 4, was paid for his time on the show in an effort to boost ratings.

Paid or not, the uproar he caused on the show may not have been so grand if he arrived in a limo with the other 25 guys who showed up on night one. When Shawn Booth received the first impression rose, it was painfully obvious that Kaitlyn was instantly smitten with him — perhaps they needed Nick to shake things up and make the show more about drama than love.

Steve Carbone, who has been spoiling Bachelor franchise shows since 2009 on his site Reality Steve, states that he has “no idea” if Nick was paid to appear on the show, but says it’s “definitely possible.”

Of course, Viall is under contract with ABC — it’s likely he won’t kiss and tell like he’s done in the past.

Who can forget the video Reality Steve posted that captured Nick spilling the final rose details before Bachelorette Andi Dorfman‘s season finale aired? Or the moment he outed Andi on national TV for “making love” with him, but not giving him the final rose. He didn’t get the girl, but Nick’s fantasy suite revelation was ratings gold.

If Nick didn’t show up on this season of the Bachelorette, the drama would have been non-existent, other than Ian Thomson speaking a little too frankly with Kaitlyn, and Ryan McDill’s drunk pool scene. Oh, and the ridiculously scripted bromance story between JJ Lane and Clint Arlis? That was entertainment, nothing more.

Kaitlyn’s guys, as evidenced on Twitter and Instagram, seem to get along very well, so there is no doubt that producers needed Nick to shake things up. Although Tanner Tolbert interrogated him when he first came on the show, the only cast member who showed pure hatred towards Viall was Shawn Booth — and that was before he knew Kaitlyn did the horizontal mambo with Nick.

The final rose ceremony airs on Monday night, and to no one’s surprise, Nick and Shawn are the last men standing. According to OK! Magazine, a show insider states that Kaitlyn may have been told to send Ben Higgins home after the overnight dates so the man-rivalry between Booth and Viall would continue.

If Shawn doesn’t get the final rose, and Kaitlyn accepts Nick’s proposal, then his appearance on the show will be more believable. However, if spoilers are right and Shawn wins and Nick is once again the runner-up, there may be truth to the rumors that he came on the show for money, not love.

Do you think Nick Viall was paid to create drama on the Bachelorette, or was he genuinely interested in spending the rest of his life with Kaitlyn Bristowe?

[Image: ABC]