Uber Drones Deliver Ice Cream In Singapore

Uber has been doing an ice cream delivery promotional stunt for four years now in July, but this year they are really stepping up their game by using drones to deliver ice cream to people in Singapore.

According to Uber, it is just a matter of using the Uber app to request a frozen treat, and a driver or a runner with an insulated backpack will appear with your ice cream. But by the sea in Singapore, you might be lucky enough to have a drone deliver your ice cream

Tech Times is reporting that the drones will be restricted to delivering only in the areas near the marina because of strict licenses and permits needed to operate the drones. However, some lucky customers will have the technology bring them their order. In other cases, Uber's cars and runners will bring the frozen treats. Customers must order the four-serving minimum for $15.

TechnoBuffalo wrote a tongue and cheek article about Uber beating Amazon in the race for drone delivery.

Amazon is working to deliver packages to your doorstep by drone, and while it has faced plenty of obstacles on its way to that dream, Uber did it first. Kind of. Uber is delivering ice cream in 252 cities and 57 countries around the world on Friday, and the company is doing something extra special for folks who live in Singapore.

Mumbrella is reporting that Uber is urging patrons in Singapore to go to Twitter and tweet about their Uber ice cream experiences.

The fast-growing taxi hailing firm is asking its customers to share their experiences using the #UberIceCream hashtag and @Uber_SING on Twitter.

According to Mumbrella, the marketing idea is part of a global campaign that is running in 253 cities in 59 countries. The news emerges soon after Uber Singapore hired Ogilvy senior account executive and former digital media editor of the Asian Banker Amrita Sareen as a marketing manager.

Would you order ice cream by drone?

[Photo courtesy of Freezers.com]