Scary Armed Robbery In Progress Captured By Google Street View In South Africa

The latest in an ongoing series of shocking images captured by Google Street View cameras has been spotted on a street near the upmarket suburb of Sandton in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Google Street View image shows an armed robbery in progress, as well as a security guard, relaxed with his legs crossed, on the opposite corner of the intersection.

When visiting Junction Road on Google Maps, the image, taken back in February 2015, clearly shows an armed robbery in progress. Outside a large home, a white car has stopped on the road and two men can be seen threatening the driver of a pickup. The vehicle they are threatening belongs to an ADT private security guard.

On Google Street View, at least one of the criminals can be seen with a shotgun in hand, pointed into the vehicle.

Google Street View
Two men threaten the driver of a security vehicle in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

The irony of the situation is that on the opposite corner of the street, a security guard sits in his hut, relaxing with his legs crossed, apparently totally unaware of the drama unfolding outside. He is sitting facing an open door, but there appears to also be a window to his right, facing the direction of the armed robbery in progress at the time.

According to the Mirror, the security guard works for the same company that was being robbed, right next to him and apparently without his knowledge.

Google Street View
A security guard sits on the opposite corner, totally unaware of the drama outside his hut.

The NZ Herald noted that it is not clear whether the pickup in the Google Street View image was on patrol at the time or responding to an alarm call by a client.

Google street views
The intersection showing the armed robbery in progress as well as the security guard not noticing it.

According to Theunis Kotze, general manager for ADT’s inland region, the incident happened back in February 2015. He said it was an “opportunistic crime where an ADT reaction officer was held at gunpoint by two criminals in Johannesburg.”

“No one was injured in the incident. The reaction officer’s weapon was stolen.”

Kotze said that the South African Police Services (SAPS) worked with ADT to investigate the incident, but there were no arrests made at the time.

However, he said that the new Google Street View images that are currently being shared on the social media could now possibly assist in furthering the investigation. It is unfortunate that in line with Google’s policies, the registration number plate of the robbers’ vehicle has been blurred.

Google themselves said that they are also looking into the incident and that they always cooperate with police when required. According to them, the Google Street View car drivers work on a short-term basis for the company, but that Google takes their safety “very seriously.”

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[Images: Screengrab from Google Street View]