September 13, 2017
'Grey's Anatomy' Spoilers: Will Season 12 Be The End For Jackson And April? Jo And Alex?

With Grey's Anatomy being forced to move away from its main storyline between Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) and Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) following Derek's death last season, many are wondering which characters will be the focus in the new season. While Meredith's fate is still to be determined, a few of the other doctors on the show will likely see their own storylines expanded.

Although details are few, it is known that the new season will be introducing a replacement for Derek. Tim Henderson will be joining the show as a new doctor and will be a new surgeon when the series returns.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex (Justin Chambers) reached a new level at the end of last season. For the first time ever, Jo and Alex said "I love you" after Jo showed him the loft space she wanted to turn into their home. In regarding how things will look like for them moving forward, Luddington shared some insight in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

"I know nothing about the direction of next season. [As for] next season, toward end of the season, I'd love for Alex and Jo to be engaged," she stated. "They've jumped over a lot of hurdles in their relationship. I was waiting to break them up! I feel like if they're going to continue in this direction, that would be nice if they got married and at some point down the line even had kids."

Meanwhile, with so many changes up in the air, it still isn't clear what is going to happen between Jackson and April. The couple went through a lot of heartache last season, including the death of their newborn child and April's deployment in the Army. Will April's decision to re-deploy be the final straw for Jackson?

Elsewhere, one of the biggest storylines still unresolved is Meredith's future. Will she be able to deal with all the tragedy that happened last season? Or will she decide to leave Seattle, and the show, for good?

Although Meredith's future could go in a number of different directions, her relationship with Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), Derek's younger sister, was improved by the end of last season. This is something that Scorsone hopes to continue in the new season.

"They are, actually, the two people who were most deeply affected by his [Derek's] death," she told Design & Trend. "The need to come together and be sisters, be the sisters that they are so they can help each other."

Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy premieres Thursday, September 24, 2015.

[Image Courtesy: ABC]