Ashley Madison Leaked Names List: Man From Mississauga, Ontario, Appears On Hacked Links -- Anonymous Wife Confesses She's A User [Video]

The Ashley Madison leaked list of user names continues to dominate the news. Although hackers are purportedly sharing the Ashley Madison links to a list of 2,500 hacked names, as reported by the Inquisitr, only two names are widely available to see online -- and news about those have hit the mainstream media thus far.

CBS News has reported about an American man on the Ashley Madison leaked list of names, a man from Brockton, Massachusetts. He is one of two men whose name and address appears on various forums around the web, along with various sexual interests. On Wednesday, the Toronto News site CP24 reported about a man from Mississauga -- the sixth biggest city in Canada -- also appearing on the list of Ashley Madison leaked names. What's troubling about that Canadian appearing on the list of leaked names is that, according to the hackers, that user had paid for Ashley Madison to delete his data.

If what the Impact Team says is true, even those who shelled out $19 to have their names, addresses and identifying information scrubbed from the Ashley Madison website may still be at risk for having their names leaked. While Ashley Madison's customer service continues to tell fearful users that their credit card information wasn't breached, not all weary users are convinced that's true.

The fact that names of married or attached people that set up user profiles and were active on Ashley Madison could be made public is not only a nightmare for couples, but for Ashley Madison's IPO as well.

Meanwhile, anonymously-written articles from those confessing their names will appear on the leaked list of Ashley Madison users are appearing online. One such article making the rounds is titled "My husband isn't on the leaked Ashley Madison user list. But I am." In it, the wife details how a period of dark times in her marriage drove her to sign up for Ashley Madison. Although she didn't use her real name, she wrote about how Ashley Madison requires a real email address -- and as such, that email address could expose her if more of the leaked user names appear online.

"I'm not stupid. I signed up to the site under a false name. However the site requires verification using a real email address. I was feeling so sad and desperate that I verified it and started talking to three men over the course of two nights."
[Image via Ashley Madison]