‘Ashley Madison Responds To Hackers’ Video Gets 18,000+ Views In 19 Hours -- 'Funny Or Die' Jokes Versus Suicide And Death Threats On Reddit [Video]

The Ashley Madison hacking keeps filling news reports well into Thursday, days after hackers known as "The Impact Team" first threatened to expose approximately 37 million members of the website for cheaters. As happens with many big news stories, parodies about the situation soon follow. That's what's happened with a version the above "Ashley Madison Responds To Hackers" video by Funny Or Die, which received more than 18,000 views in the 19 hours since it was published to the Funny or Die website. The YouTube version of the "Ashley Madison Responds To Hackers" video was published a day later, on July 23, and is up to more than 4,200 views within hours.

"Ashley Madison clears up the misunderstanding around her site's unprecedented hack."
They aren't the only ones making fun of the hack. Another new Ashley Madison commercial called "Are You On The List?" by So That Happened shows a husband confessing to his wife that his name will appear on the Ashley Madison leaked list. She surprises her husband by saying she's on the AshleyMadison.com list as well. She's even more active than he was, enjoying foursomes and the like.

In real life, the fact that the Ashley Madison leaked list of names has the potential to leak en masse beyond the two men's names and addresses already exposed by the Impact Team is no joking matter.

A single trip through Reddit turns up just how serious the Ashley Madison hack is to its exposed users. First off, some folks already have their plans to tell the truth to their spouses, with one man saying he only signed up for Ashley Madison to check out the women there for a couple of weeks but never met with anyone.

"Yeah, if you have already spilled the beans, then that's a huge burn on you I'm afraid. If not, DON'T. It won't do you any good to go and tell your significant other anything when A. Nobody really knows for sure exactly what they got, and B. Even if they got names and card numbers, who's to say it's linked to your account, and C. Even if they got everything, there's no guarantee they got YOUR account info.

"Maybe they only got 12Mil and they are just saying they got all 37 Mil. As for me, the only thing I'm guilty of is having an account I trolled for a couple weeks and never even chatted with anyone for entertainment purposes, so even if I get outted I can look her in the eye and tell her that truthfully. Either way, I'm not saying a word to anyone until I know what's what. Period. There's no point in dropping a grenade until the pins pulled."

There's even talk in the "adultery" section of folks feeling sick, vomiting, and mentions of suicide.

Perhaps the most serious cry for help comes from a single gay man from Saudi Arabia who says he could be stoned to death if his Ashley Madison identity is exposed. In response to the man who writes that his country imposes the death penalty for homosexuality, other users have offered him countries that offer asylum.

[Image via 'Ashley Madison Responds To Hackers' YouTube video]