'Bold And Beautiful' Shocker: Aly Forrester's Story Takes A Stunning Turn [Spoilers]

The Bold and the Beautiful fans have been watching Aly Forrester's stability and mental health decline for some time now, and things were seemingly coming to a head this week. Bold and Beautiful spoilers had teased that there would be a traumatic incident involving Aly and Steffy in these episodes, but on Thursday's show, things took a turn that nobody expected. Just what happened?

During Wednesday's show, Steffy and Aly had a difficult conversation on the dark road where Aly's mother had died. While the two seemingly came to a better place as they embraced, it only lasted for a moment. Aly then grabbed a tire iron and started swinging at Steffy.

As Thursday's episode played out, things got even uglier. She Knows Soaps recaps that Ivy raced to find Aly after seeing the board of disturbing images in Aly's closet, showing her hatred for Steffy and Maya. Thorne showed up, and everybody at the Forrester mansion worried about the closet discovery. They got Thorne up to speed, and he indicated that he planned to take her back to Paris with him to get help.

Back on the side of the road, Aly swung at Steffy and ranted about Maya and Steffy. As this was happening, Steffy cowered and pleaded for her life. The two women struggled and the tire iron went flying. Just as Aly grabbed a rock and prepared to hit Steffy, Ivy pulled up. Steffy managed to grab hold of the tire iron and swung at Aly, who then fell and hit her head on a rock.

As Thursday's show ended, Ivy and Steffy sobbed as a paramedic checked Aly and indicated that she was dead. What comes next on Bold and Beautiful? Spoilers tease that Ivy will tell Wyatt about what happened, though from the sounds of things, Steffy and Ivy may not reveal the full truth about Aly's death at this point.

Aly Forrester's death has left Bold and Beautiful fans stunned, as it seems that nobody saw this development coming. The actress who played Aly, Ashlyn Pearce, took to Twitter after the episode aired to thank her fans for their support.

Pearce wrote, "#BoldandBeautiful fans. Thank you all for the love & support. Aly Forrester was a role I feel so blessed to have been able to play. #TeamAly."

Many fans are stunned by the character's death, sharing that they're in denial and that Pearce will be missed. From the sounds of the Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the episodes ahead, Aly's death will set the stage for some intense moments for Ivy and Steffy.

Steffy and Ivy have been at odds over Liam, but now they seemingly have a devastating secret they share. Liam will be revealing his choice between Ivy and Steffy soon, but Aly's death may well force a shift on this front.

What will Ivy and Steffy say about how Aly Forrester died? How will Aly's death shake things up for those left behind? Fans are anxious to find out, and it seems there is plenty more to come with this Bold and Beautiful storyline.

[Photo by Jason Kempin / Getty Images]