July 23, 2015
'Big Brother 17': Will Audrey Middleton Show Up For The Live Eviction?

Before she entered the Big Brother 17 house, Audrey Middleton told Jeff Schroeder she would be a "misunderstood villain." Now her short but eventful game seems destined to come to an end. After hiding in the have-not room in a state of self-imposed isolation, fans can eagerly anticipate how the live eviction will go down.

Attentive live feed viewers learned yesterday that Audrey has a plan for how she will go out. If her words to Shelli are taken at face value, she has no plans to escape the normal course of events that will lead up to her exit.

[Warning: Big Brother 17 live feed spoilers to follow.]

Wednesday's episode featured the veto ceremony when Vanessa removed Jason from the block and Shelli named Audrey as the renom. Audrey was put up for eviction in absentia because she chose not to participate in the ceremony. That non-participation in a game ceremony is an extremely rare, if not first-time, occurrence in the Big Brother house.

The veto ceremony happened on Monday. After it was over, Audrey shut herself off from the rest of the house guests, remaining in the have-not room wrapped in a blanket, hoodie, and wearing dark sunglasses. She stayed there for much of the next two days.

Big Brother Network reported that Audrey emerged late Wednesday afternoon to have a conversation with Jackie. Audrey asked if her eviction was a sure thing. Jackie said the house guests wanted Audrey to come out of the have-not room and not worry about the game.

About 20 minutes later, Audrey ended up talking to Shelli in the lounge. They argued for about an hour, according to BBN, about what happened in the game.

In what may be a preview of what we'll see on Thursday's eviction, Audrey told Shelli she has prepared a speech to give to Julie Chen and will not do press exit interviews. As Big Brother fans know, every evicted house guest up until the finale has an immediate sit-down with Julie in front of a live studio audience. The house guests then chat with blogs and other media outlets about their game experience.

Of course, just because Audrey told Shelli she's prepared a speech, does not mean that's true. And if it is true, Audrey could change her mind upon her exit.

Audrey's eviction seems certain. Although a unanimous vote was predicted by CBS Detroit blogger Mark Drum, who said he had some hope Middleton might survive this week, BBN predicts Austin Matelson might vote for her to stay. Austin plans to blame the vote on Steve and have him pegged as "America's Player," even though that twist does not exist this season.

Writing in Entertainment Weekly, Marc Snetiker gave his personal assessment of Audrey's gameplay.

"I do not understand it and I have no interest in trying to."

Big Brother 17 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS. The next live eviction gets underway at 9 p.m. Thursday.

[Image: CBS]