‘Friends’, Or More? Jennifer Aniston And Matt LeBlanc Were Involved? [Photos]

Friends co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc were always cozy on the set of the hit 1990s NBC show, and briefly had an on-screen romance.

But were they more than friends?

Matt LeBlanc’s father said yes in a recent interview with U.S. magazine Star, reported Metro.

According to the Mirror, 73-year-old mechanic Paul LeBlanc told the publication that his son and his Friends co-star, Jennifer Aniston, were romantically involved sometime between 2000 and 2005, while she was still married to actor Brad Pitt.

“He even had a relationship with one of of the girls … Jen. They would make out in the dressing rooms. He told me about it – it was when she was married to Brad Pitt.”

Representatives for both stars have denied the claims. For her part, Jennifer Aniston denies her role in the alleged affair or that she was unfaithful during her marriage to the Fury actor. A rep for the former Friends female lead told the Daily Mail that the rumors are just that – rumors.

“I have commented in the National Enquirer and others. It’s 100 percent false. Jennifer has never had a romantic or sexual relationship with Matt LeBlanc.”

If the rumors were true, it would be a very different portrait than the one we currently have for how the Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston marriage ended. Shortly after splitting from Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt was romantically linked to the Tomb Raider star, Angelina Jolie. But could Friends star Jennifer Aniston have cheated first? Images were circulating on Woman’s Day this week that showed the two stars kissing at an L.A. hang-out spot in 2004.


It’s possible.

As Hollywood Life reported, at the end of Season 9 and the beginning of Season 10, Friends characters Joey and Rachel – Matt LeBlanc and Jennifer Aniston, respectively – were romantically involved. Could real life have mimicked the on-screen romance for these two Friends stars, just as it did with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? The timeline would fit in with Paul LeBlanc’s claims, as the Friends on-screen hook-up took place in 2004, around the same time everything started going south for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Maybe. But keep in mind that Matt LeBlanc is estranged from his father, who has had nothing but negative things to say about his world-famous son, even in the same interview with Star magazine.

“He was as good-looking as anyone in Hollywood, but he isn’t going to age well. It’s the high life — I’ll see him with his gut hanging over his belt. He’s not someone who keeps himself toned when he’s not in front of the cameras.”

Another point to consider is that Star magazine has a reputation for publishing stories about the former Friends lead female actress. Most of the stories have turned out to be fabricated, including a 2012 front-cover story exclaiming Jennifer Aniston was expecting twins.

Gossip Cop has given this story a score of zero, rating it as pure rumor.

We just hope that this latest scandal won’t further push back any possible plans for a Friends reunion — even if it is an unofficial one.

[Photo: Robert Mora, Handout / Getty Images]