Controversy Rages Over Loch Ness UFO Image

A photo recently taken over Loch Ness, which seemingly depicts two disc-shaped UFOs, has sparked a major controversy among observers. Now a new recreation of the image may shed literal light on how it was recorded.

The image in question was produced by Alan and Anna Betts after they vacationed in the Scottish highlands, as the Inquisitr previously reported. It was taken by Anna's mother, and depicted two disc-shaped UFOs flying in apparent formation above Loch Ness. The couple didn't realize that they had captured the image of the strange UFOs until after they returned home, where they first noticed the odd formation above the loch.

When the Betts' story was first reported, creator Mick West threw his hat in the ring, as the Huffington Post reports, authoring a detailed analysis of the UFO image. West claimed that the strange photo was the result of a lamp's reflection combined with a window curtain. The Betts, however, maintain that their photo was taken outdoors, and that no lights were on in their rented cottage at the time the UFOs were photographed, as the Mirror noted.

Seeking to further prove his point, West contacted the owner of the Bunloit Farmhouse, requesting that she take several up-to-date images to aid him in analyzing the UFO photo. One of the images serves as a passable recreation of the Betts' UFOs, though the owner had to move her lamp closer to the window in question, making the objects appear larger.

"I asked her to take a picture from the same position pointing in the same direction," West recalled. "In the original photo, you can see the direction they're looking in, toward the loch. And I asked her to try to get some reflection of the light and to take a video, if possible, so you could see the relative position of things."

Though West acknowledges that the recreation is not exact, he believes that the UFOs in the image are, beyond a doubt, explained by the lamp's reflection.

"It isn't a 100 percent recreation, but you can tell by the comparison that obviously, that's what the original was -- the same shape and color and everything. It's just bigger in the recreation."
Though it appears that the mystery may finally have reached a conclusion, it remains to be seen if the Loch Ness UFOs have been explained to the satisfaction of all observers.

[Image: Anna Betts via the Huffington Post]