Blake Griffin Not Black Enough For ‘Space Jam 2’ Says Nick Young, LeBron Rises To The Task

Before Warner Bros. confirmed that LeBron James is doing Space Jam 2, another NBA superstar has already voiced his opinions on who not to put on the Space Jam 2 role.

The Lakers’ Nick Young talked to TMZ in early July about the possible Space Jam 2 movie before Warner Bros. even signed LeBron James for Space Jam 2, and one of the names that flew in the air is Blake Griffin—but not because Young wants him on Space Jam 2. Young comments that when it comes to acting, Blake could be considered for the Space Jam 2 role but in the end, he is not black enough for Space Jam 2. Michael Jordan has set the Space Jam bar high enough for Griffin to reach.

“I give it to Blake, he can act. But he’s too beige (to play Michael Jordan in Space Jam 2). He got to play like a Charles Barkley role.”

He also adds that instead of Griffin, LeBron should star in Space Jam 2. And this was around the time that everyone thought a Space Jam sequel quite far-fetched. In the end, his prediction turns out right, as Sydney Morning Herald announces today that it’s not Griffin that’s starring as the lead of Space Jam 2. Space Jam 2 is signing the “more black” NBA superstar, LeBron James.

Young also comments that if given the chance to star in Space Jam 2, he would rather play the Space Jam villain. He comments that he could be the Joker of the Space Jam sequel, and would rather lead his evil team, called “Swag Stars,” to bully the Space Jam good guys.

“I think I should be one of the enemies, instead of Monstars, be like Swag Stars and we taking over… I want to be the enemy. I’m like the Joker.”

Michael Jordan was the original star of the first Space Jam movie and it was a huge acting break for him. Now that Space Jam 2 is really happening and Warner Bros. is signing LeBron James for the role, a lot of people started voicing out their opinions regarding LeBron as the Space Jam 2 star. There is no doubt, however, that he would do Space Jam 2 justice, since his prior role in movie Trainwreck was actually quite satisfactory.

Apart from LeBron’s confirmation for the Space Jam 2 role, the partnership between Warner Bros. and LeBron James’ entertainment company, SpringHIll Entertainment, will bring LeBron’s studio more television and digital projects. Maybe a Space Jam 3 on the horizon?

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