Rapper 50 Cent Testifies That Luxurious Lifestyle Was A Facade, Files For Bankruptcy

Who knew that 50 cent was actually rapping to himself in “Window Shopper”?

In his Manhattan Supreme Court session, the iconic rapper testified that his lavish lifestyle—well-documented in his music and in social media— was all a ruse for the public.

“It’s entertainment.”

Legally named Curtis James Jackson III, 50 Cent is currently facing a $5 million lawsuit from Lastonia Leviston after releasing a private sex tape that involved Leviston and a certain Maurice Murray.

However, the shamed rapper did apologize to Leviston in court while also trying to keep a happy persona. The seven-figure lawsuit apparently cornered 50 Cent, and he was forced to claim the falsity of his over-the-top standard of living.

The rapper made numerous songs than involve or even outright boasts of his wealth, like “I Get Money,” “Straight to the Bank,” and “P.I.M.P.” and had many videos that feature shiny bling and luxury cars.

“I borrowed them.”

Apparently, 50 was not shy in denying the full ownership of the fancy jewelry that seems to never separate from him.

Those thick golden chains surrounded by diamonds were, according to the rapper, just temporarily his. In fact, he stated that he only owns “a few gold chains” and “three or four watches” including the one that he wore in court.

His motorized beauties that include a Ferrari and a Bentley? Also rented. His recently bought Rolls-Royce? Not bought but traded for two other luxury cars that include his Lambo.

Jackson also went on to explain his paltry earnings that include 10 cents per record (at least give him 50), and the lower end of six-figure totals from his movie appearances in Spy and the boxing movie Southpaw.

However, the plaintiff’s lawyer was not giving 50 Cent any credit for his denials, noting the various financial sources the defendant has. Philip Freidin mentioned the rapper’s successful career, acting stints, a Connecticut mansion formerly owned by Mike Tyson, and numerous deals from clothing, beverage, and record companies that total up to $200 million.

“I need protection.”

Despite all of his wealth in paper — Forbes lists his net worth at $150 million — Jackson surprisingly filed for bankruptcy last week. He and his lawyer claimed that 50 Cent was now just worth around $4 million, and that’s not including the $5 million dollar he owes in damages.

It’s tough to say whether Jackson’s confession will have any bearing in his court battles, or if it’s even true in the first place.

[Image by Noam Galai, Getty Images]