Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Handful Of Free Agent Running Backs Available To Be Signed For Training Camp

Tony Romo is back and will be under center for the Dallas Cowboys for a few more years, at least. Dez Bryant now has a long-term deal and isn’t going anywhere. The offensive line is stacked and has lots of depth. The offense looks pretty great, but the running back situation is sort of a big question mark at this time and if Dallas is going to look at any of these veteran free agents, they better do it soon.

Training camp officially starts for the Dallas Cowboys out in California on July 28 and they won’t be back home until August 28. The first preseason game is on August 13 against the San Diego Chargers, and a lot will need to be known by then.

Actually, the most important thing that will be learned in those first two weeks of practice is how good the running back situation is for the Cowboys.

As things stand, Joseph Randle is likely going to be the starting running back over Darren McFadden. Sure, a lot can happen in training camp, but his stability and the injury-prone nature of McFadden makes it a logical decision.

Sports World Report states that the Cowboys are already looking at free agent running backs, and more than just Chris Johnson. A number of good backs are still out there and on the market, and any of these veterans could help the team.

Steven Jackson

Yes, he dealt with some injuries last season with the Atlanta Falcons and he is getting up there in age, but he can still produce. Jackson is a better second option than McFadden, and one that can still produce.

Felix Jones

He’s been out of football for a year, but he did participate at the first ever NFL Veteran Combine, and Jones still looks to be in good shape. Making things better is that he could be signed at a bargain price and he knows the Cowboys system after five seasons with them to start his career.

Ben Tate

If it weren’t for an injury and overcrowding in the Cleveland Browns’ backfield, Tate would still be with the team and would be their starting back. He’s a great producer and a good pass-catcher out of the backfield, which is something the Cowboys could use.

There are others that could easily be seen as viable options including Pierre Thomas. The Cowboys had worked out Daniel Thomas earlier this offseason, but he signed with the Chicago Bears back in mid-June.

The Dallas Cowboys swear that they are happy with Joseph Randle, Darren McFadden, and company, but it won’t last. A free agent running back is not always easy to find, and once injuries start piling in up training camp, the list of available names will shorten.

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