July 22, 2015
Buffalo Motorcyclists Have Had A Bad Month

Buffalo motorcyclists might want to stay off the road for a while. The past month has had several accidents and incidents with motorcyles in Buffalo, and while they haven't reached infamous Florida man levels of crazy, some of them are quite wild. Here's the rundown on them.

A motorcyclist was arrested in Buffalo on July 20 for doing wheelies and driving at 90 miles an hour in a 45 mile per hour zone. He didn't stop weaving through traffic to respond to the officers on his tail. When arrested, he admitted he was just "being stupid" and showing off. Amazingly, he was not drunk at the time.

On the same day, a motorcylist and his passenger were arrested when the passenger made offensive gestures to the driver and passenger of a car. The people in the car got out and the people on the motorcycle dismounted, but troopers broke up the confrontation. They then found that not only was the motorcylist drunk, he was also driving on a suspended license and had illegally modified his muffler.

On July 12, a Buffalo motorcyclist hit a car on South Transit Road, which drove the motorcycle into the median lane, where it hit two other vehicles, got sent into the northbound lane, and was hit by another vehicle. The motorcyclist and passenger were hospitalized for serious injuries, but there were thankfully no fatalities.

To balance that out, a pickup truck hit a motorcyclist on June 26 while making a turn. The motorcyclist was taken to the hospital and the pickup truck driver was ticketed for an obstructed view and not obeying turn signals.

Apparently not wanting to be topped, on June 29 a motorcyclist was arrested on South Transit road for running a red light. He was quickly discovered to have blood alcohol levels three times the legal limit. Whether he was buddies with the July 20 DWI remains unknown.

On July 17, a man was apprehended by police after there were reports of him walking in a suspicious way. You guessed it -- he was another motorcyclist driving drunk who had struck a deer and landed in a ditch. Unable to get the cycle going again, he decided to walk for help.

And last but not least, another motorcyclist was victim of a drunk driver. The driver of a vehicle struck him at an intersection in Buffalo around one in the morning. He was last known to be in critical condition. The woman driving the offending vehicle was arrested for DWI.

It seems like Buffalo motorcyclists should wait for fall before going on the roads again.

(Photo stock image via Pixabay.)