Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert Divorce Secrets: Did Oklahoma Judge Do Them ‘A Special Favor’?

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert reportedly have a protective order in their divorce documents. This grants them privacy for details they wish not to share with the public. This is an instance most likely used in matters of domestic abuse or other sensitive matters between a couple who aren’t willing to share their dirty laundry, so to speak.

There are speculations suggesting that a Petition for Protective Order means there are some “dark” secrets between Lambert and Shelton, when it probably just means they don’t want the world to see everything over the breakdown of their marriage.

Irven Box is an Oklahoma City attorney who spoke with Access Hollywood (via Yahoo! Celebrity) about a protective order that Lambert and Shelton have in their divorce. Even he thinks it’s strange that the country stars were able to get their documents sealed since Oklahoma has open record laws.

Box explains what a protective order is in divorce proceedings.

“A protective order in Oklahoma in this particular case simply means that the parties in this case say, ‘We don’t want anybody to know what’s going on in our case. We don’t want anyone to see what’s in the documents. We want the court to protect the documents and to seal them.’ That’s what a protective order in a divorce case is.”

Box thinks that since Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are Oklahoma’s “sweethearts,” they were given special treatment by the judge in obtaining a protective order because not just anyone can get that.


“This is a couple that Oklahoma looks at as the sweethearts of our state. I think the judge did a special favor for them that an everyday person off the street would not get.”

As USA Today reports, it’s still “murky” what happened inside the Shelton-Lambert divorce. A lot of rumors have run rampant that cheating on both ends took place. On Tuesday, there was gossip that Miranda had an affair with country singer Chris Young. He went to Twitter and vehemently denied the allegations. As for Shelton, he’s been rumored to have an affair with Cady Groves and backup singer Gwen Sebastian. As the Inquisitr reported earlier, Sebastian — also a former Voice contestant — was asked to join Blake Shelton on tour. Of course, this opened the door up to rumors of the two having an affair. She denied the rumors as well, saying that she respects and admires Blake and Miranda.

Until the public gets more answers, the Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorce will seem like a mystery.

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